Top Asian Americans on YouTube

Entertainment is the draw for viewers in the online video world of YouTube. Education, not so much.

The top 4 Asian Americans on YouTube were recently listed over at sublimesilence:

3 of the above are noted as comedians. 1 is a musician. Hmmm.

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Asian American Survey 8

Leading off in our occasional survey of all things Asian American using YouTube is a trailer for an upcoming independent comedy film, Ping Pong Playa. It already looks like it’s going to be much better than Balls of Fury. Check it:

ABC in Taipei

A short film, “Who Am I” by BC Productionz, Part 1. “A korean kid gets hypnotized into thinking he’s Mexican.”

Asians Rock

Another short film, “They’ll Never Know”. Here’s a short description:

the account of a young Asian-American girl who expresses through her web blog, the things she could never say directly to her parents — or anyone else. Her frustration reflects the lack of communication in many Asian households — a dichotomy of parental pressure and the opposing voices from American society, resulting in dual isolation.

A film trailer, this time by students for an AA class, entitled, “Two Shades of Gold.” Description:

This is about two chinese students who met in a Japanese class. they fall in love with each other yet they both experience generational differences since the guy is 3rd Gen and the girl is 2nd gen. Both are pretty naive on what an Asian is and supposedly through the full movie, they come into understanding of each other

An Asian American calls out John McCain

And to close out this edition of the YouTube survey, is a comedy sketch by Cold Tofu TV. And “Cold Tofu is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is dedicated to promoting diverse images of Asian Pacific Americans through comedy and to developing multiethnic talent through education and performance.”

Halo 3 Re-enactment of Virginia Tech Tragedy

I still think of Virginia Tech fairly regularly. My soon-to-be written paper on incongruent cultural identity formation resulting in violence is because of Seung-Hui Cho.

I recently heard that the prophet Jeremiah often re-told the horrific scenes of the destruction of Israel to the scattered people in order to re-live the trauma as a way to bring about healing. To talk about it and to re-visit it in order that we might move on.

It seems in the digital, Xbox 360 world,  we truly can re-visit that disaster that was in very strange ways. h/t to Hawty McBloggy for this post. and the following video: (and yes, feel free not to watch it as it adds a surreality to what happened that day).

I don’t know what to think. I watched the video a little stunned…it seemed a little comical and yet painfully magnetic. It’s strange to see a video game re-enact a real-life massacre. I’m not offended, but I…I don’t know what I feel. I am reminded of how truth is in so many ways, so much more powerful, visceral, tragic and meaningful than any fiction. And I still…grieve in my small ways.

Can someone help me find the address of the Cho family?

Can We Change?

Fun class today asking the question for church, is change possible?

Here are a couple of quick videos we saw in class regarding different aspects of change:

the easiest route to take is to apply technical solutions when what is necessary is change of heart, behavior and value. We need to change how we live…

And what changing an organization often feels like:

Sexy Beijing

I first caught a glimpse of this on YouTube, and I think it’s better than “Sex in the City”. It’s absolutely addicting to watch honest, street-level views of Chinese culture from a completely fluent Jewish-American woman, Anna Sophie Loewenberg!

Sexy Beijing is an Internet TV station run by an in-house production team. We also work with a handful of contributors in the editing room and on productions. Sexy Beijing has been on the Internet since 2006 when we launched Danwei TV, a now popular video site.

Check out their new site,!

Here’s the first one I watched…entitled “Looking for Double Happiness”

And here’s another popular episode: Lost in Translation.

Keller and Franke – What Is Missional And What It Looks Like

Tim Keller from Redeemer Church for the Exponential Conference. Discussing Acts 1:8 – Part 02.

Dr. John Franke, Author and Professor at Biblical Seminary, Hatfield, PA, discusses how the gospel relates to culture.

Oh yes, and one more video that I think is emblematic of the pushback on emerging and missional thinking: What do you think?