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Can you relate to a nerd?

Tony Kim loves to go to Comic Con. This is his 5th time going, to celebrate all things nerdy. He made this audition reel for an epic documentary film that’s in the works about Comic Con, being done by the same guy that did the Super Size Me movie.

Tony mentioned that one of the many reasons he auditioned was because: “… hardly any Asians auditioning and I hope to represent”. Thanks for stepping up, Tony!

By the way, Tony Kim also happens to be a pastor at NewSong Irvine. He’s quite creative and yet in touch with his Asian-Americanness.


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2 responses to “Can you relate to a nerd?

  1. Brooks ⋅

    That was hilarious! And I’d give $2,753.18 to have that last picture framed on my wall…Ok…maybe only $27 for it.

  2. tim

    this is amusing; i just saw this snippet on gizmodo and thought i’d share it here:

    i hope Tony runs into those “protesters,” and introduces himself as a pastor. i’d love to see their reaction to that.

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