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Top Asian Americans on YouTube

Entertainment is the draw for viewers in the online video world of YouTube. Education, not so much.

The top 4 Asian Americans on YouTube were recently listed over at sublimesilence:

3 of the above are noted as comedians. 1 is a musician. Hmmm.

On this list, Asian YouTube Heroes, there are other notables:

For this blog’s theme about the collision of Asian American culture and faith, these YouTube influentials are part of our pop culture. As this article describes it: “… in the media that his generation cares about most, Asian Americans aren’t behind the curve – they’re ahead of the game.

What do these videos and stats suggest about the viewers?

Aside: see other YouTube videos that have been embedded here at Next Gener.Asian Church ->
Asian American Survey 8, Asian American Survey 6.

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One response to “Top Asian Americans on YouTube

  1. Its awesome these guys are models for Asian Americans. Internationally, western born asians have something to say as well , as comedians are important to comment on society in the hope that the viewer can reflect on ones own surroundings and make sense of it. We can all do our part.

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