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NG.AC Tokback 11/19 “How Asian are Asian American Christians?”

This week’s tokback topic (can’t say that too many times fast) is “How Asian are Asian American Christians? How Asian should they be?”

Please join us back here tomorrow evening, Thursday 11/19 at 10pm (EST) / 7pm (PST) for a good, lively conversation online using tokbox. I’ll update this post tomorrow afternoon and provide a URL where you can click and join in on the video chat, but don’t worry if you don’t have a webcam, as long as you have a microphone and speakers, you can at least listen and carry on the conversation.

Last week, we had a great showing to discuss Asian American women and the church with the likes of Kathy Khang, Helen Lee, Glennis Shih, Pauline Chiu, Joshua Settles, DJ Chuang, Danny Yang, Daniel So, Dan Ra, Laurence Tom, Edwin Kang, Dan Iwao, Tiffany…(um I can’t remember your last name, sorry!), and a few others popped in and out.

Here’s DJ Chuang’s tweet for that evening where he captured some of the conversation: “sneak a peek at a 3-minute clip from the tokback video chat earlier tonite”

So join us again tomorrow evening. It’s been a lot of fun~ so much fun that they’ve been no less than 2.5 hours each!

***UPDATE: Here’s the tokback link:


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

4 responses to “NG.AC Tokback 11/19 “How Asian are Asian American Christians?”

  1. Josh Deng ⋅

    aw man! I missed it. Will try to be there this week.

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  3. DYdaktix

    Thanks for organizing! It was encouraging and helpful to hear all the voices and to put faces to them!

  4. Josh ⋅

    Any chance there will be one this thursday on thanksgiving? Or will it be a different day?

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