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Here we go again…

in case you’ve missed it, zondervan has released another leadership series with the theme of Deadly Vipers:  A Kung Fu Survival Guide for Life and Leadership.  here’s a link to the zondervan info page.  on their main site, the chapter headings by themselves are pretty offensive.

among their promo items, a ridiculous, did-they-really-do-that? facebook video.  i recommend you click over and leave your thoughts…

soong-chan tried to start a dialogue with one of the authors, and he was pretty dismissive.


3 responses to “Here we go again…

  1. i’d like to know what is so friggin’ “kung fu” about this. so stupid.

  2. Josh Deng ⋅

    DPark, I saw your comment on the facebook video; you’d be a good candidate to spearhead some conversation with the authors/Zondervan. I agree with you in that we’re not trying to “fix” these guys (who after all are our brothers in Christ), but it is important to inform them of the power of influence they have of spreading an image of asians that is just not true.

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