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what the Gospel looks like in Taiwan

Missiologist and researcher Ed Stetzer (and a group of pastors) are on a Taiwan vision trip. They’ve observed several things that make the Gospel obviously and visibly different than what the Gospel looks like in a typical mostly-Caucasian majority-culture American evangelical context.


Ed blogs in Ancestor Worship and Taiwanese Christians about an interview with Robert Young in this video — Contextual Response to Ancestral Worship (7:37)

And, this video in blog entry, Meeting and Learning from Pastor Chen (6:18)

Does this suggest that the Gospel should look differently among Asian Americans?

In this blog post, I’m using the term “Gospel” broadly, in the sense of how the Gospel and its implications is lived out in particular contexts of an ethnic and/or racial grouping. And in so exploring and forming, even the language and terms used to explain the explicit and implicit theologies may need adaptation too.


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