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Race, Continental Philosophy, and Theology

I am very excited to announce that on one of my favorite blogs, Church and Postmodern Culture, there will be a series about race and postmodern theology.

The intro states…

My humble hope in writing these posts is to provoke thought in ways that allow for rethinking the/a Race issue(s). These entries, these vignettes, shall investigate Race through a variety of perspectives and approaches rather than in any systematic way. On the front end, let it be known that I think of Race as a social construction. At the same time, I acknowledge that Race does produce real effects for our lives. We have an experience of Race. In other words, even though Race is not biologically real (as discrete natural categories of human difference), it is real in so far as this idea helps shape the world in which we live and in the manner in which we live it. Race cannot be ignored. This vignette will focus on (racist) structures of power based on racial sameness rather than racial difference.

It’d be great if our community here can speak into the conversation there, and hopefully conversation there can come our way!

Church and Postmodern Culture :: Race, Continental Philosophy, and Theology

One response to “Race, Continental Philosophy, and Theology

  1. nice. can’t wait to read the series. postmodern thought is what will definitely help us discern the social construction of race, but i’m interested to see where this goes. thanks dan!

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