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Sulu actor is also a Pastor’s Kid

In this Asian Pacific Arts interview, John ChoThe Game-Changer: An Interview with John Cho, by Oliver Wang, we discover a bit of the actor’s family background and intersection with faith. Arguably “Hollywood’s most visible Asian American” with his latest role as Sulu in the Star Trek reboot. I first saw John Cho in the infamous Harold and Kumar movie.

APA: Your father was a minister. What denomination?

JC: This was a denomination called Church of Christ.

APA: Many of my Asian American friends growing up attended Christian churches where they would have weekend night services filled with singing, playing music, and performances. Was that what your father’s church was like?

JC: Actually no. There were no musical instruments allowed in this church. Their philosophy is based on the absence of the mention of musical instruments in the New Testament. They took it very seriously.

APA: Wow, so no organs or guitars, I’m assuming?

JC: This church would call all that stuff entertainment. And the church wasn’t a place for entertainment. So we didn’t have a choir. It was only communal singing. We sang together from the pews, four-part harmonies, and no one was allowed to get up in front and solo. Or have a special light shown on them.

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One response to “Sulu actor is also a Pastor’s Kid

  1. jadanzzy

    I want to go to that church!

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