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Disillusioned Generation Workshop Live-blogging Day 2b

  • 2:44 PM dpark75 – gideon: posturing of langauge is important when we have this dialogue. empathy is the goal in that we actually understand, not us vs. them.
  • 2:46 PM dpark75 – agenda: describe our experiences in dysfunctional households.
    positive expressions of the household of God.
  • 2:47 PM dpark75 – how do we make this distinciton between ppl returning to ANA churches vs. those who are starting new churches that trend more toward multi-ethnic? but still similar situations, issues. address these differently or is there overlap?
  • 2:49 PM dpark75 – disillusionment is a value for the disillusioned. it leads to change.
  • 2:50 PM dpark75 – 20s is a great time to be disillusioned, great time to deconstruct and reconstruct. but we need to value the family of God.
  • 2:51 PM dpark75 – their process of disillusionment helps us to stay alive. helping us to deconstruct and reconstruct. even depressed people need to be told that the state of depression can be a good space for them, that space has value toward change. not only as an individual, but in the community.
  • 2:52 PM dpark75 – but it is work and it is messy. there is junk they have to do.
  • 2:52 PM dpark75 – the ppl we’re calling disillusioned, not all of them, but some of them have strong leadership qualities.
  • 2:52 PM dpark75 – a lot of parenting is about when to let go.
  • 2:53 PM dpark75 – it takes leaders who are older and have fludity that allows reconstruction to happen.
  • 2:54 PM dpark75 – older leaders have to have had earned the respect. did we earn the respect to speak into others’ lives.
  • 2:55 PM dpark75 – rite of passage = blessing from the first gen in the act of church planting
  • 2:55 PM dpark75 – lot of bad blood in the breaks that have occurred in churches.
  • 2:56 PM dpark75 – can intervention happen for ppl with bad experiences? in group settings, not just individual?
  • 2:56 PM dpark75 – if someone has left, someone should notice.
  • 2:56 PM dpark75 – we’re not quick enough to go after them. that’s not a healthy kingdom mindset.
  • 2:57 PM dpark75 – it’s not the older generations’ fault.
  • 2:58 PM dpark75 – they were doing the best they could. as young adults, we need to value that.
  • 3:00 PM dpark75 – i’ve seen 2nd gen churches split. the sins of fathers are replicated in us
  • 3:00 PM dpark75 – a lot of wisdom there that young pastors, due to lack of patience, wouldn’t listen to
  • 3:01 PM dpark75 – part of the challenge, we have access to resources in the 2nd gen who are a few steps ahead. a big chunk of it is 1st gen that we don’t have access to.
  • 3:01 PM dpark75 – we can only do a portion of the work.
  • 3:03 PM dpark75 – david mura’s book, turning japanese:
  • 3:03 PM dpark75 – dynamic between intergernational intervention from a cross-cultural perspective is complex, layered.
  • 3:04 PM dpark75 – what would this integenerational reconciliation act look like?
  • 3:05 PM dpark75 – is that a realistic picture to paint to give ppl who read the book of what could happen?
  • 3:07 PM dpark75 – one example: after a hs retreat and speaking about brokenness, an older generation came and told the speaker, “it was very good….but, i always tell them to put it away. i have pain too, i put it away.”
  • 3:09 PM dpark75 – don’t just listen to the words, but the intent. when he says, “put away the pain”, he doesn’t mean it the way i hear it.
  • 3:09 PM dpark75 – listen to their stories. ask questions. listen in their language.
  • 3:10 PM dpark75 – we need to learn to listen. we’re afraid that if we listen, we’ll have to comply with what is said. but take the meat out and throw away the bones. i’m very hopeful, but there are power dynamics there.
  • 3:11 PM dpark75 – which is counter-cultural. we are programmed to let them lead.
  • 3:11 PM dpark75 – it’s messy. but the more we embrace that and let go of control, can’t plan it…
  • 3:14 PM dpark75 – SE asian conference. honored 1st gen pastors with plaque.
  • 3:14 PM dpark75 – led to an apology and reconciliation
  • 3:14 PM dpark75 – initiated by 2nd gent
  • 3:16 PM dpark75 – children….when we have children, and our parents have grandchildren, we suddenly have access to stories
  • 3:19 PM dpark75 – one of the things pastors can do is help young adults gain perspective of cultural solution
  • 3:20 PM dpark75 – we are given a picture of the ideal. dialogue stops at conflict, we never work through it
  • 3:25 PM dpark75 – can we show grace without change?
  • 3:25 PM dpark75 – not in reaction, because we’re pissed.
  • 3:38 PM dpark75 – other categories: ways we are developing ministries by biblical imagery. what’s happening in your churches. imagine future possibilities and practical steps.
  • 3:44 PM dpark75 – covenant churches have a ‘behavior covenant’ to outline how we behave in conflict

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