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Disillusioned Generation Workshop Live-blogging Day 2

  • 1:07 PM dpark75 – Disillusioned generation = de-churched next generation ANAs
  • 1:09 PM dpark75 – keeping it real specific
  • 1:11 PM dpark75 – bolim: jeffrey arnett’s “emerging adulthood”; wish someone would do sociological data analysis that this group exists, that would really be helpful.
  • 1:12 PM dpark75 – rah: our goal is not to be normative – as in a narrative for everyone; we’re acknowledging that the data isn’t clear on this, more anecdotal…
  • 1:13 PM dpark75 – begin conversation on ‘household of God’ in context of this particular topic
  • 1:14 PM dpark75 – re: sydney park: theology of the household of God in ephesians
  • 1:15 PM dpark75 – God has done, is doing, and will do something in this generation and we don’t have to freak out so much
  • 1:17 PM dpark75 – radical nature of grace shown…this generation is aware of it, but they drop everything when they turn 20
  • 1:17 PM dpark75 – was there a degree of works that got wrapped up in that notion of grace?
  • 1:21 PM dpark75 – even as we’re talking about household of God, our vision requires depth
  • 1:24 PM dpark75 – when sydney mentions self-sacrifice…when korean ministers talk about sacrifice, they mean a sacrifice for the community, there is a vague understanding/confusion about whether it is for God or church. there is maintenance of exclusivism around ethnicity
  • 1:24 PM dpark75 – it seems that sacrifice could be just to enrich ministry rather than proper goal or vision for the community together.
  • 1:26 PM dpark75 – re: concept of grace, how do we reintroduce concept of grace who have assumed grace?
  • 1:27 PM dpark75 – we need to get back to the purity of the idea of grace but in order to this, that would have to be revisited. not cheap grace that is approrpriated
  • 1:28 PM dpark75 – de-churched have negative connotations about God’s love. how they have taken what God has given them, rather than focusing on what God has done. it’s still narcissistic because it always comes back to them.
  • 1:29 PM dpark75 – for SE asians, they don’t see what’s being read in scripture in home or in church. maturity of household affects them because they don’t sense family. we long for it, but we don’t see it.
  • 1:29 PM dpark75 – can the people who leave churches? do they leave altogether or do they go where they see the household of God lived out?
  • 1:29 PM dpark75 – answer: they just leave, in my experience.
  • 1:30 PM dpark75 – what about others who are “coming back”?
  • 1:30 PM dpark75 – sociologically, some of it is life stage…they have kids
  • 1:30 PM dpark75 – another issue is pain
  • 1:32 PM dpark75 – why do they stay? familiarity…implicit theology of community and loyalty. they’re seeing pictures of a new kind of household of faith.
  • 1:32 PM dpark75 – the idea of a household of faith, there is an allergic reaction. the disillusioned have left because it looks so much like their family.
  • 1:33 PM dpark75 – they come back because maybe pastors and leaders being more honest about who they’re not.
  • 1:34 PM dpark75 – i really love disillusioned people because it’s an opportunity to create something new
  • 1:36 PM dpark75 – is grace given to those who are struggling?
  • 1:38 PM dpark75 – we definitely need to be honest with what our distinctive ANA dysfucntions are in the household
  • 1:38 PM dpark75 – being ANA, we don’t talk about our dysfunctions. we don’t say things
  • 1:38 PM dpark75 – sexual abuse. power abuse. marital crap.
  • 1:40 PM dpark75 – “we don’t rock that boat” what do you mean, we don’t rock that boat?
  • 1:40 PM dpark75 – the young adults who come out of that past, we have to acknowledge their disillusionment
  • 1:44 PM dpark75 – first household of faith is our families…why are some people disillusioned? from a KA view, or a lot of immigrants, we have lost sense of rites of passage. 30 y/os living at home, perpetuated by the immigrant story
  • 1:46 PM dpark75 – our parents’ generation, my father had a rite of passage, at 18 he came to US, he had to grow up to become a man. a lot of young adults, there was no rite of passage. in many ways, there wasn’t teaching and admonition in a gentle and nurturing way. dad was king. “i’m going to pay for an education…you get it.”
  • 1:46 PM dpark75 – in the church it’s no different. pastor is daddy. now i’m 32, CEO of a company, but i’m still a kid in church. i’m not allowed to question anything.
  • 1:47 PM dpark75 – there are layers of complexities…learning how to question hasn’t been taught. disillusionment means unmet expectation
  • 1:48 PM dpark75 – we need to invite questions, dialogue, confrontation…
  • 1:49 PM dpark75 – even with tough conversations. as an adult, you have a right to question. work out your faith, man. i am not your daddy – brian kim.
  • 1:50 PM dpark75 – my in-laws treat my wife like a 16 y/o. (she is not 16 y/o)
  • 1:50 PM dpark75 – this is normal parenting for ANAs.
  • 1:51 PM dpark75 – there is an issue of ANA developmental adulthood that conflicts with this culture. where my white freinds leave the house at 18
  • 1:51 PM dpark75 – i’m not saying it’s better. that’s terrifying for asians
  • 1:52 PM dpark75 – another word is healing. the stories that couldn’t be told in the immigrant church
  • 1:52 PM dpark75 – have found other outlets
  • 1:53 PM dpark75 – what comes next, if i were to tell this story in the immigrant church, there would be shame? we need some place where we can be ourselves.
  • 1:53 PM dpark75 – story about sexual identity. if everyone finds out, it becomes trickier. can we be real with our issues?
  • 1:55 PM dpark75 – there is theology of reconciliation being part of grace that needs to be revealed. when 1st gen talk about grace, they discuss it as a feeling of exuberance, catharsis. but when they fight in church, there is no grace, no reconciliation. they don’t even want to talk to one another or see each other. when they confront, that’s the end of the community. there should be more explicit discussion of reconciliaton.
  • 1:57 PM dpark75 – when the disillusioned come back its’ because they can’t re-write their history. “we might be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.”
  • 2:00 PM dpark75 – third service at 5pm. those who went clubbing the night before can get over their hangovers and still come out
  • 2:02 PM dpark75 – the expeirence of the immigrant chruch, is it something in our heritage, to see a family. if we can overcome the dynamics of controlling parents
  • 2:03 PM dpark75 – it woudl be great if in that context, there can be healing and wholeness.
  • 2:05 PM dpark75 – because of dysfunction, we need to flatten the church
  • 2:05 PM dpark75 – the household is not just one parent, but healthier examples of what it looks like
  • 2:05 PM dpark75 – it wasn’t until my parents died, did i find new ways to live
  • 2:05 PM dpark75 – yet there was redemption right before they died. “i only had two weeks of that”
  • 2:06 PM dpark75 – but it was because of that different picture of what the household of God can look like…living in unity together. how does this happen? to embrace a different picture of family?
  • 2:07 PM dpark75 – how do we call out the different developmental phases?
  • 2:07 PM dpark75 – in eph 5, the 1st c. church…i wish we knew what the 3rd c. church looked like.
  • 2:08 PM dpark75 – break for lunch…

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