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Questions from the Asian North American (ANA) Consultation – Plenary 1

Linda Cannell led an exercise entitled “World Cafe”. Here are some of the questions that the various tables came up.

Why the Exodus and Why the Return?

How do we grow healthy churches as ANA? Is it related to ethnicity/ identity formation? Or are there other critical factors?

How do we raise healthy leaders who are true to the gospel and to their ANA identity?

How does our ANA identity and the gospel relate to one another?

We are seeing a reversal of the “silent exodus? but need to better understand what is driving it.

How does our explicit theology become aligned with our implicit theology?

Is there a distinct ANA theology? How does that affect people who are bi/multi cultural?

What are the implication of what 2040 will look like?

Is there a correlation between identity and mission (or is it past experience?)

Challenge the assumption that the movement of 2nd+ generation to go from ethnic church to Anglo church back to ethnic church is uniform.

What is our working definition of “household” and “family” because there are aspects of ANA understanding of “household that need redeeming.

What is Asian Identity?

Just a few initial thoughts.


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

One response to “Questions from the Asian North American (ANA) Consultation – Plenary 1

  1. elderj

    I am jealous that I can’t be there

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