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Georgia State Bill 67

Got an email today, had to share it. Don’t know if this is happening in your state, but keep your eyes open. I know that many Americans feel like they can ask people to do everything in English to cause people to assimilate to society, but as a citizen who is  a Christian and also a son of immigrants, things like this can be a huge obstacle for a struggling family, for new immigrants, and international students. At best, it displays a poor sense of hospitality; at worst, it divulges a strong sense of xenophobia. Neither of which I can justify as a person of faith. If you live in Georgia, please read on and take action. A PDF of the press release is included here: press-release2new

KAC Atlanta has been working tirelessly in conjunction with other Asian American community organizations to rally support for opposition to Georgia State Bill 67, a piece of legislation requiring that all driver’s license testing be in only English. Currently, the tests are administered in approximately a dozen languages. This new measure would make it more difficult for immigrants and immigrant populations to obtain a driver’s license.

We are asking our members to please take a few minutes to call or email the Rules Committee, the Speaker of the House, and their individual House Representative. Every call and email DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and if you would take a few moments to express your opposition, we believe this to be an important issue for Georgia’s Asian American community.

Here is the chair of the Rules Committee bio page and email. He is Earl Ehrhart, R-Powder Springs:

Here is the Speaker and his email:

And finally, here is the Rules Committee:

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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

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