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Does This Mean That I Have Issues?

the_simpsons_gameDJ Chuang listed 14 unmet needs among Koreans and Indians at the L2 Foundation Blog:

The article also highlights top issues that are specific to the Korean and Indian communities:

The three key themes among Koreans were concerns of the elderly, language issues and mental health issues.

The three key themes among Indians were concerns of the elderly, mental health issues and domestic violence issues.

My wife being Indian and myself Korean, this obviously doesn’t bode well for us! We’re both looking forward to a double helping of elderly and mental health issues~ yikes.

The report sought to identify cultural attitudes and perceptions that might cause reluctance among members of the Korean and Indian communities to seek assistance.

“For example, if you have a young Indian couple who believe they could benefit from marriage counseling,” Fiebert said, “they might fear that the marriage counselor will push them into a divorce. They see that many Americans divorce, but maybe they don’t want a divorce. They need to understand that the counselor is going to work with them to resolve their marriage issues and don’t have to be frightened that counseling is going to result in divorce.

Now, I consider myself and my relationships to be fairly healthy, but anytime you see something like this, it does make you back up and check. It’s crazy when you know the statistics and all you’re thinking is, I’ve gotta beat these numbers.

The report identified 14 basic “problem areas or unmet need themes:” (in no particular order)

  • Concerns of the elderly
  • Mental health issues
  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • Discrimination, lack of power and lack of trust
  • Health and medical issues
  • Health insurance issues
  • Immigration concerns
  • Intragroup conflict
  • Lack of awareness of community services
  • Language issues
  • Generational conflict
  • Poverty
  • Substance abuse and addiction problems
  • Transportation problems

Which of these loom largest for you and your community? I’ll be honest and say my top three potential problem areas or unmet needs are, personally: concerns of the elderly, language issues, and generational conflict. I think I can collapse language issues and generational conflict, but then I’d need to tack on health and medical issues with the concerns of the elderly. But as for me and our little household, I’d say we’re OK so far…but I probably should check with the boss to make sure. 🙂


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One response to “Does This Mean That I Have Issues?

  1. elderj

    Yes, you have issues….but then again, who doesn’t?

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