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A New Kind Of Gathering: Asianamergence

Calling all Asian American Christian exiles in the Metro Atlanta area ~ there is a new gathering in town that will be meeting the first and third Thursdays of every month called Asianamergence.

This means we meet this Thursday at 7pm at Communitas (directions) in Chamblee. You can read about Thursday here on our new blog as we gather to watch the film, “The Grace Lee Project.”

This is not a new church plant. This is an experimental community to ask questions, explore, and create what it means to be an Asian American Christian.

It will be part Bible study, part emergent cohort, part discussion, part poetry/psalm readings, part pecha kucha night, and part wherever the Lord leads us. If you come, you will be both audience and participant. We want to hear every voice and encourage every question and journey together.

We would like this to be a space in the middle – a wilderness of sorts – where we can ask questions about our identity and faith, the collisions of our different cultures, and seek to the connect the dots back to a Jewish messiah.

Quite ambitious I know, but it’s only in community that we can find these answers or at least companions. And here you will find myself and a few friends (from Merging Lanes) and Danny Yang and Consider this an open invitation if this resonates with you at all. Hope to see you there.



About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

6 responses to “A New Kind Of Gathering: Asianamergence

  1. David – I saw the site pop up on someones Twitter posting last night and went on over. Looks great and what and exciting adventure. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Take care – Bruce

  2. thanks bruce. we’ll see where God leads. πŸ™‚

  3. djchuang

    sooooo cool, wish I could be there; or maybe I could glean some tips on how we might get an Asianamergence here on the West Coast too — you’d think there’d be one already with so many Asian Ams out here, but maybe that’s counter-productive?

    Is “Asianamergence” trademarked? πŸ™‚

  4. jadanzzy


  5. daniel so

    David – I second DJ’s thoughts about a West Coast Asianamergence movement πŸ™‚ It would be great to hear some followup on this initial gathering.

    DJ – If you can get this up and running, I’d love to help out!

  6. dj – i don’t think it’s trademarked. it came from the mind of dan ra. but i’m sure he’d be willing to share it if you’re involved with it somehow. it is funny to think that we might be doing something in the dirty south as it relates to AAs that may not have a precedent on the west coast. but i can already tell that many people are thinking along these lines.

    i can say that most of us that are interested in this group have been influenced by peter rollins’ idea of experimental gathering with Ikon in ireland, which is what rollins refers to as “transformance art.” while we don’t have quite the production time to create that type of experience for the gathering, there is a similar drive to create that kind of space for exploration.

    at this point, it sounds much grander than it really is, but we are hopeful that it can make a ripple in the consciousness of AAs here in atlanta.

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