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Asian American Survey 8

Leading off in our occasional survey of all things Asian American using YouTube is a trailer for an upcoming independent comedy film, Ping Pong Playa. It already looks like it’s going to be much better than Balls of Fury. Check it:

ABC in Taipei

A short film, “Who Am I” by BC Productionz, Part 1. “A korean kid gets hypnotized into thinking he’s Mexican.”

Asians Rock

Another short film, “They’ll Never Know”. Here’s a short description:

the account of a young Asian-American girl who expresses through her web blog, the things she could never say directly to her parents — or anyone else. Her frustration reflects the lack of communication in many Asian households — a dichotomy of parental pressure and the opposing voices from American society, resulting in dual isolation.

A film trailer, this time by students for an AA class, entitled, “Two Shades of Gold.” Description:

This is about two chinese students who met in a Japanese class. they fall in love with each other yet they both experience generational differences since the guy is 3rd Gen and the girl is 2nd gen. Both are pretty naive on what an Asian is and supposedly through the full movie, they come into understanding of each other

An Asian American calls out John McCain

And to close out this edition of the YouTube survey, is a comedy sketch by Cold Tofu TV. And “Cold Tofu is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is dedicated to promoting diverse images of Asian Pacific Americans through comedy and to developing multiethnic talent through education and performance.”


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