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Torture is Un-Asian American

This may not exactly be related to Asian American stuff, but I gotta rep my seminary and an admired prof here, Prof. Steve Hayner. So here is a letter from his desk. Please read and sign after you check out the issue…

Dear CTS Community,

Our nation, our allies, and our enemies now know that the United States has committed torture against foreign detainees.  And regardless of the motivation for doing so, torture is a nonnegotiable moral issue that we need to end once and for all.

That’s why, last June, I was one of more than 200 military, security, and faith leaders who signed a nonpartisan Declaration of Principles calling on the President to issue an Executive Order to ban torture. Since then, thousands of citizens have joined us, and I hope that you’ll consider doing so, too.

You can read a *summary of the effort* in this recent God’s Politics blog post:

And you can *sign the Declaration* at

I hope that you’ll sign on, and that you’ll in turn send this email to your friends and colleagues. Thank you for taking this stand with me.

Sign the Declaration:



Dr. Stephen A. Hayner

Peachtree Assoc Prof of Evangelism and Church Growth

Columbia Theological Seminary


John Lamb at HispanicNashville emailed me this also. Please join the petition and make sure torture doesn’t become part of the American legacy. Thanks John.

Check out Amnesty International\’s virtual campaign to tear down Guantanamo Bay.  By signing their pledge, you get to take down one pixel.  Once 500,000 people have signed, the virtual Guantanamo Bay will come down.  Join me and get your own pixel.

— John Lamb


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

One response to “Torture is Un-Asian American

  1. Charles

    This is a random thought that was provoked by this post. There is a clear feeling that was obvious to me when looking at this post… compared to the other ones. Suffering, or the alleviating of it, towers above most concerns. I mean… the grasping of suffering in a way to will its removal seems to push other issues to the periphery.

    Even the notion of racial identity. Racism itself is understood as a systemic illness. It’s not just a perception one looks through… it’s something that is written into the way our society marginalizes groups of people.

    The question then becomes two fold for Asian-Ams (or other races in general) and Christians. What is the radical call of the gospel to create a just world? What does it mean to follow Jesus teachings in our present society? And furthermore, what does it mean for a group of people inherently marginalized within that very society to dismantle it?

    A mentor of mine in inner city Chicago… told me something profound once. He said that he didn’t believe in racial reconciliation. What he meant by that was racial reconciliation as an ends in itself… won’t do anything for the society at large. It only addresses cultural perceptions. But Justice… as an ends… that inevitably addresses racial reconciliation. To live in a racialized society as this one… to pursue justice is to mend the racial divisions. It’s like building a house together… communication issues inevitably have to be brought up.

    Anyways… random thought. I enjoy this blog. Keep on.

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