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Join the NG.AC Kiva Lending Team!

NG.AC has created a lending team on!

If you haven’t heard about Kiva before, it is simply a portal that enables individuals and now teams to microfinance aspiring entrepreneurs in countries where the cost of market entry can be prohibitive to these individuals. But the amounts required for capital resources for the entrepreneurs are often minimal to many Americans and the majority of Asian Americans. For a minimum investment of $25, you can help these men and women take a bold step out of poverty, for their families and communities. After having tried it for a couple months myself, it’s been really cool to read about these people and what they’re trying to accomplish.

So join the Next Gener.Asian Church Lending Team on Kiva and let’s see how much we can put forth to change lives around the world!

And just to make it fun, if we can get 50 members on the team this week, I’ll put out $500 in loans by the end of the month. And particularly if you don’t have any money right now to lend, but still want to be on the team, here’s what to do. Create an account, join the team, and send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll help you get started so that you have a say in where that $500 goes and watch it grow. So, join the team and let’s do some good together!


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

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