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“Cry Out”: A Worship Experience

A few weeks ago, Dan Ra, Jacob Fu, Ed Sohn and I planned a worship service around the theme of crying out. We first had the chance to lead this service at Agape (Hanin) a local Korean church, but unfortunately it was not recorded. Then Open Table Community Church gave us the opportunity to lead worship in August and we did a similar service there.

The idea behind this was tracing the theme of crying out and shouting throughout the Bible. We felt like in this act, there was a visceral aspect of our worship and interaction with God that is largely missing in today’s worship gatherings. From a Korean heritage, there is the notion of 통성기도 (or prayer in one voice), but even as a Korean American, there is a tendency to avoid this type of worship.

In short, we found 4 aspects of crying out in Scripture:

  1. Crying out, shouting in the presence of God
  2. Crying out of our need
  3. Cry of rebuke
  4. Silence (or the lack of crying out)

In any case, Dan, Jacob, Josh and Margaret Feit really made the musical responses and calls come alive. Dan and Jacob wrote many of the songs themselves, which are simple yet beautiful. Thanks to Agape and Open Table for giving us the chance to give voice to this and for the congregations who were brave enough to go there with us. Enjoy the audio and slides below…


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

3 responses to ““Cry Out”: A Worship Experience

  1. daniel so

    David — I finally had a chance to sit down with this today. Thank you so much for the creativity, heart and passion that all of you poured into this. We need to hear this… that, out of a deep and abiding love for Christ, we would reclaim what has been lost in our Asian American identity, that we would be movers and not just seek to be moved, that we would create and sing and cry out to God…

    In the liturgy and in the songs you created, I can hear echoes of the spoken word performance, “Asia America,” that you posted — which is a really great thing. Should we only be moved to tears by these spoken word performances but be lulled to sleep (both literal and figurative) by our sermons and our worship gatherings?

    You guys are onto something… I’m excited to see where this is going…

  2. thanks daniel. we are really hungry to see God move here in this city and there are a number of holy malcontents here that are making it happen. i myself am still processing through the meaning of this service that we prepared, primarily because it was built on so much scripture, and i realize that some of this is notably absent in my own life. we have gotten feedback that seems to question whether this notion of shouting to the Lord is valid or even reverent, but again, like you say, there is something here that really connects us back to our parents’ generation, something that may very well be worth preserving.

  3. Katie ⋅

    David I heard of Prof. Huh’s creative workshop or something. I am really interested in. Could you give me some details?

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