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Me Presybymeme?

Bruce Reyes-Chow, moderator of the PCUSA started this meme and apparently, I was tagged by Adam Copeland even though I don’t really consider myself PCUSA. Granted, I attend a PCUSA seminary, served at a PCUSA church for a few years, got married in a PCUSA church, and have a number of friends in the PCUSA, but that doesn’t mean…

Anyway, I don’t need to be a spoil sport today, I’ll just answer the questions and move on. 🙂

In about 25 words each, answer the five questions below.
Tag five Presbyterian bloggers and send them a note to let them know they were tagged. Be sure to link to the this original post.

1)  What is your favorite faith-based hymn, song or chorus? Too many to list here. I love singing, so I don’t care what song I sing, as long as it brings me to a point of worship.

2)  What was the context, content and/or topic of the last sermon that truly touched, convicted, inspired, challenged, comforted and/or otherwise moved you? I think one of the best sermons I’ve heard is actually a sermon combination, with Ray Vanderlaan and Rob Bell preaching on the Jewish rabbinic tradition and the story of the disciples of Jesus.

3)  If you could have all Presbyterians read just one of your previous posts, what would it be and why? I don’t know what Presbyterians need to know, really. I’d be happy if they read any of my posts actually.

4)  What are three PC(USA) flavored blogs you read on a regular basis? I read Bruce’s blog, but that’s the only one I know of that is distinctly PCUSA. Again, I’m not that loyal to this denomination, or any, for that matter.

5)  If the PC(USA) were a movie, what would it be and why? Uh…I don’t know. This meme is starting to feel like a very bad, bad job interview.

And since I don’t know who else to tag, I tag Daniel @ Headsparks, I don’t know if he’s PCUSA, but like me he at least attended a PCUSA seminary. Sorry Adam, I am the worst Presbymeme ever.


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

5 responses to “Me Presybymeme?

  1. elderj

    stop being in denial man

  2. Katie ⋅

    Hey David. Did you watch Nooma(Rob Bell)’s video about snow and Rabbi tradition?

  3. I haven’t seen that one Katie. how is it? I own 4 or 5 Nooma videos, but don’t have that one.

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