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Nervous Laughter

h/t to DJ for finding this one….

Asian American Pastor Speaks Only English

Chicago native of Korean descent also knows no martial arts

James Kim

HOUSTON – The employment of James Kim as youth pastor at Mt. Olive Baptist church here has resulted in some disappointment among church members, but not for the usual pastoral dissatisfaction reasons.

“When I saw that we had hired him, I was so excited,” said church treasurer Lilly Rudd. “I thought we could finally start an outreach to the Chinese and Filipino populations of Houston, but when he opened his mouth I noticed there was no accent at all – even his l’s and r’s were all pronounced right. That’s when I had to ask him if he even spoke Chinese at all. I was completely speechless when he told me he’d never even been outside the US.”…. Click on the link above to read the entire parody…

About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

4 responses to “Nervous Laughter

  1. dengjosh ⋅

    oh my goodness…funny and disturbing at the same time. It leaves me wondering, “what if something like this actually happens one day?” Wonder how it would play out…

  2. Ken

    It sounds like the people in this Houston church have never gotten to know a real live Asian before. Otherwise I don’t know why they would have these stereotypes based on movies. I hope that having Pastor Kim in their church will help them to gain a better understanding of the diversity of Asian Americans. It sounds like Pastor Kim is handling the situation very well, which is a sign of grace and maturity on his part.

  3. djchuang

    The parody / satire is hilarious! I do recall an incident where a past satire news article, however, was misread as a real newspaper, and riled up some people who couldn’t tell the difference between satire and real journalism.

  4. Err… ok for a sec there I was like all up in arms but now I understand it was satirical..
    were the quotes real at least or was the whole thing fabricated?
    Yep, now that I think of it it’s kind of funny…

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