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End of Asian American Heritage Month

I’m really glad to welcome Daniel So on board here, he’s an extremely gifted writer and thinker.I should have piggybacked along with Daniel’s post earlier this month, but it’s been a rough season for me personally.  I’m getting to the age where there begins to be more funerals than weddings at certain stretches and every news of birth seems to coincide with someone’s passing away.

In any case, this video was from last year’s May celebrating Asian American Heritage month, but since I didn’t post it then, it still seems to apply this year and features one of my newfound heroes in Beau Sia, a very talented poet whose passion and fury I wish I could reproduce every time I get a chance to speak.


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

One response to “End of Asian American Heritage Month

  1. daniel so

    David — Thanks for the extremely kind words. I’m very sorry to hear about what you’re going through.

    This video of Beau Sia is fantastic. His ability to convey so much in so few words is incredible — if only I could learn to do the same as a preacher! Kind of a poetic precision, instead of a “get to the application” type approach…

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