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“We Need To Talk…”

Ken Fong is willing to go there. His church, Evergreen is hosting a talk along with the group, Christians on Social Issues (CSI), entitled “We Need To Talk: A Conversation on Homosexuality”. 

Here’s the info straight from the Evergreen web site. 

7:00 p.m., Saturday, May 10, 2008
WE NEED TO TALK: A Conversation about Homosexuality and the Asian American Christian Church

Sponsored by the Christian Social Issues (CSI) group, an informal gathering of Asian American Christians who discuss wide-ranging social issues and how they relate to our Christian faith. Join three old friends – two straight and one gay – who will engage in a conversation that needs to happen more often in order to dispel ignorance, quell fear and hatred, and foster greater understanding. Debate about scriptural interpretation or scientific evidence is not within the scope of this dialogue. It is not our intent to resolve this highly complex issue. Though we may ultimately arrive at different conclusions, at the very least, we need to break the awful silence in our churches surrounding this subject. We really need to talk. 

If you have a friend or loved one who is gay, or you are gay yourself, or you are a Christian who is concerned about this issue, please join us in this much needed and long-awaited dialogue. Please remember that this will be about fostering a conversation, not conversion. To find out more, Click here.

Having met Ken face to face last year, one thing that impressed me more than his ability to speak was his ability to listen, really listen. And he has the courage to give others a voice and enable them in whatever capacity that he can. This is one example of where that ability of dialogue is particularly timely and necessary in our generation. Here’s a link to a slideshow that Ken has put together earlier this year. 

This conversation is a particularly difficult one among Asian Americans. Most churches don’t acknowledge the existence of the GLBT crowd at all. It’s a double stigma among socially conservative Asians and theologically conservative Christians. At this point in time, my own jury is hung. To borrow a line from that Jim Carrey movie,”Liar Liar”: “I hold myself in contempt! Why should you be any different!”

And although this is totally unrelated…here’s a trailer to a movie about Asian American homosexuals and the church. Attend the conversation if you can…and I look forward to Ken sharing some notes online so we can continue the conversation in the blogosphere…


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One response to ““We Need To Talk…”

  1. William

    I listened to the Ken Fong Sermon, and can’t wait to hear the much alluded Part II to the series. There are those that will tell you that the church needs to change its views on homosexuality just as it has towards blacks (Americans). So from which does Fong support. I like that he is trying to show compassion and open dialogue.

    There is this tension I sence in sharing the Gospel. We need to have enough grace not to bash people over the head with our Bibles, and I get that from the sermon. I wonder how their evening will go? May God Bless their endeavors.

    y’know it was very interesting that the sermon addressed homosexuality not with those passages that speak on it (is that part 2?) But using God’s word as a plumbline, as a true North. I wonder though how this approach will be received:

    1. The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. -1 Cor. 2:14

    2. It ultimately will not allow me to live out my homosexual lifestyle.

    3. Or it can allow me to live it out because no one will really confront me.

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