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Paradise on Earth?

I guess you will have to view the site.

Basically on Memorial Day weekend a large gathering is planned for the geographic center of the US. That is Paradise, KS. The day is to be a day of worship. Nothing will be sold…


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5 responses to “Paradise on Earth?

  1. i’m a little confused honestly. it does say that nothing will be sold or advertised…but it itself is an advertisement. it itself is an event. registration prices go up as of may 11th.

    what this tells me is that there is something particular/special/unique about worshipping God in the geographic center of the US…is there? i mean theologically speaking, do you think there’s a good rationale for this?

    Also it seems to imply that any worship service other than this is somehow adulterated, but this one isn’t. that the music and the intercession that takes place here among the students is especially pleasing to God.

    gosh, i sound like such the cynic, but i guess i’m very tired of event-driven, tent-meeting stuff. it works for some people i suppose. but it’s not my thing. and i’m not sure if it’s really effective for the asian american generation.

    are you going to this, william?

  2. this also is very telling, look at all their advocates:

  3. David-what do you mean by “this is very telling?”

    Well, I didn’t know about the admission fee, but the vision statement mentioned nothing will be sold. I guess the fee is for “overhead”.

    I’ve known about this for a year, and I guess we live close but we’ll be out in California, so I won’t be able to go…more later.

  4. william, i just meant that the advocates are 95% white and old school. so i just don’t think they would have that much insight into the needs of the asian american demographic.

  5. David-oh. interestingly enough, I’ve heard about this for a year.

    The though was that all these youth would come together to worship. And perhaps God would bring revival and all these kids would go out to the ends of the earth. I guess we are close (missiologically) to the end regardless.

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