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Ministry Idea

David’s recent post  made me think about church ministry.  I can’t guess where your church is at. Church plants can be  preoccupied or hampered with small manpower…and it just seems worthwhile to have ministries that confront our society (for the gospel). And David talked about the abuse of women, and in particular, in the Asian American/Asian community. We need to stop the violence. (that’s a great slogan, don’t you think?)

I have been thinking about outreach ministries.  I think that churches outside of the Bible belt have been working hard on presenting the Gospel in new, engaging, and challenging ways. Seems to me that we aren’t as innovative…until I came across a church in Alabama (the pastor was at Chapel a few years ago and had spoke at one of Dr. S. Tsoi’s Youth Camps in Phx).  The church decided not to televise a worship service but to have a hunting show

So I thought that my seminary should do a “This Old House” Type show…or that a Chinese church do a cultural broadcast, or cooking show, or martial arts, and of course like that hunting show, present the gospel at the end. 

For a few years I’ve been holding on to an idea about fixing up a Honda to appeal to the “Rice Rocket” crowd.  Then on the news I saw this story about the National Guard detailing cars to promote the guard, why not one of our churches “soup” up a car to present the gospel.  (The news segment was about a soldier who made a tribute car to his fallen comrades, the army saw it and asked the soldier to detail cars to promote the army).  We could “pimp” our church vans!  But seriously I know tons of Asian guys getting all into their rice rockets…can you see it, we can have gospel stickers to place on our windshields.  Jesus written in Kanji…ok, j/k about that…but definitely invision going out, opening up the trunk and sharing with the young men and women.  “Ladies; gents, your cars will rust away one day, just as we do too. Like our cars our souls need preventative maintenance…” 


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11 responses to “Ministry Idea

  1. william, question, do you really think that would be effective? drive-by evangelism?

    i’m tired of Christians trying to “sell” something. my friend peter says that listening to some preachers is like having flashbacks at a used car dealership: “so i’ve given you every reason to buy this car, let’s do the paperwork.” i don’t know, i think we need to re-evaluate outreach altogether.

  2. elderj

    C’mon down folks. We’ve got youth ministry, children’s church, couple’s counseling, and financial counseling all for the low low price of a two hour meeting every Sunday and the occasional offering.

  3. Interesting piece of work. It would be nice if we can exchange links. Please let me know if it is ok. Do email me at

  4. Lol–>Drive By Evangelism. Well, I was thinking of going to car shows. If someone painted (not sure what the term is) some nice artisitic scenes (maybe from an evangecube), and listed verses. It would be more of planting a seed, but of course you would send people to these car shows, to talk to folks, to hand out tracs, etc.

    You all ever hear of the Drive – In Church, I think they gave out boxes with the Lord’s Supper inside, and a sermon cassette (now that is dating me…)

    Elder J, don’t forget open gym!

  5. daniel so

    William — I appreciate the idea of trying to meet people where they’re at. However, I wonder about feeding the materialism of the AA fascination with tuner cars, etc. Also, I’ve seen people become upset, understandably, after thinking they made a connection with someone (e.g., through cars, skateboarding, music, film, etc.) only to have it revealed that it was all a setup to present the Gospel.

    And, as David pointed out, the bigger picture might be overhauling our whole idea of what evangelism is all about. I really appreciate the missional concept that God is already at work in the world and we’re invited to be a part of His work — rather than the colonial notion of “bringing Jesus” to the heathens (wherever they might be).

  6. Thanks Daniel. First you clarified what David was saying. Mark Dever has a book on evangelism that has influenced me.

    In my mind the Gospel message would be emblazoned on the car. The presence of tracts and Bibles would all be very upfront. There is a reason why we are here.

    The materialism issue, did not occur to me. I just see a generation of guys totally into their cars. I guess it was a modern take on Hudson Taylor dressing and acting like a Chinese to reach the Chinese.

  7. Yikes, I shouldn’t be writing at 5 a.m….

  8. William, get some sleep!

    I haven’t read Dever’s book, but I recently heard a comedian talk about bumper stickers in that they’re helpful because they could indicate, “yeah, we’re never going hang out.”

    i’m not so sure that the gospel message is simple enough to be emblazoned on a car. or that they would even make sense. i think people are looking for real people, not slogans or sales pitches. we are such a commercialized society that people can hear a proposition coming from a mile away. i mean, have you ever run into someone in a network marketing scheme like amway or something? and how do you react to telemarketers?

    hudson taylor didn’t just put on an act, he gave up everything, even to the point of poverty. and losing his life there. there was no gimmick. the gospel is no cheap trick, we shouldn’t reduce it to such.

    “For we are not peddlers of God’s word like so many; but in Christ we speak as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God and standing in his presence.”(2Cor 2:17)

  9. William

    David–Sleep? They say that 90% of church goers do not share the gospel. What can spur our people on, that the Holy Spirit can use?

    The church today is asking for artist, and there is so much written about artistic expression in the church. I guess this also has to do with art.
    At an auto show. Y’know those guys are artists. Nothing is for sale. The car is like a canvas. Thats all. No cheap trick. No gimmick.

    There are guys that have tattoos with which they use to share the Gospel.

    But I hear you. Ultimately a person can be the rude guy on the bus, cornering people and forcing their message down people’s throats. Thats not what I’m talking about.

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  11. My wife doesn’t like this idea about the car. She said, “why does the car have to have bible verses and stuff, why couldn’t Christians just have a regular car, and share with the people who come by anyways.” I agree. I was fixed on the method too much…

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