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Emerging From The Tomb

kichang-resurrectionThis painting and the Good Friday one are part of a series by Kim Ki-chang, a Korean artist.These images of Christ as Korean may be a bit startling, but it certainly hit home for me personally in the sense that he looked like us. The power of the incarnation is that God became man, one of us. He poured himself out for us. While I know that Jesus was Jewish, these images move me because they are so visceral. Is that me crucifying him? Is that really me whom he poured out his life for? Does he really care for me?Yes, he is risen indeed — for me, for us, for all. We preach Christ crucified and raised. Our whole faith relies upon this single truth — death is no longer king. We believe in life abundant, where the giver of life can make himself subject to his own law of death for a moment if only but to make the spirit of the law greater than the letter of it. Dead stuff doesn’t stay dead any longer. May the world be moved, let the people know, death is no longer inevitable, all that you see is not all there is because he is risen.


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

4 responses to “Emerging From The Tomb

  1. elderj

    Amen… and I love these pictures, though I find Jesus emerging from the tomb fully dressed as a Chosun era scholar a bit rattling.

  2. djchuang

    A book that’s making the rounds, and I’m reading it with great intrigue, about 2/3 of the way thru it, is THE SHACK by William Young.

    Mini-Spoiler warning:

    the book describes the Godhead in several non-Eurocentric ways, but not so much in that “A New Kind of Christian” pseudo-dialogue kind of way

  3. randplaty

    What do you think of Rev. Wright characterizing Jesus as black because he knew what it meant to be oppressed? I generally think these types of depictions of Jesus’ race do more harm than it does good.

  4. randplaty,

    I totally understand where you’re coming from, and to be honest, there is something that bothers me about these pictures as well in its depiction of Christ as elderj points out,”a Chosun era scholar”. I just think it’s fascinating because I suppose I’ve never seen these images, and while it’s inaccurate, I grew up with pictures of a White Jesus with blue eyes and fair complexion, so…it’s neat to see that turned on its head. Theologically, this is not what I’m advocating. Actually, I’m much more fond of the depictions of the Korean people crucifying Christ, because somewhere in there, I feel like I can spot myself and that makes me desire Christ all the more.

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