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Asian American Survey 6 on YouTube

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. There are lots of good blogs and sites out there that track great stuff on Asian America, but here are some gems I found. Enjoy!

Starting with KABA Modern, a group that is killing it on America’s Best Dance Crew. This premiere clip shows some of the cultural tension as this team pursues something that falls outside the Asian American parents’ notion of success.

Next up, is Jake Shimabukuro, a Japanese American dude from Hawaii who is taking the ukulele to new heights. Check out his rendition of, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Absolutely sublime.

Beau Sia lets it loose on Def Poetry Jam. Wow…wow. I love this guy. I can’t believe I didn’t find him earlier. Hopefully the language won’t offend you, but this energy, this anger is real, and needs to be witnessed. Look up his other stuff too, he’s outstanding. Now if I could only preach like this.

Here’s a brief glimpse of Korean grocers on the big screen.

This is interesting. An elementary school teacher dispels notions of Asian American students’ abilities in learning.

Finally, to close out this set of Asian American Survey on YouTube, a public service announcement. Asian Americans are at risk for hepatitis B. Check it. It’s the #1 killer in Asian American males.

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