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Santa Cross

It’s hard to reconcile Santa Claus and Christmas.

Here’s an interesting bit of Engrish that tries to do so.

And here’s a bit of news from Orissa, India that tries to do so as well. As I slept comfortably and self-righteous in my bed last night, one man died and thirty were injured as they worshiped on Christmas. All in all, ten churches were burned.

Their crime? Converting the dalits, also known as “untouchables”, to Christianity. Literally and figuratively, dalits are the outcasts, as in without a caste. In a Hindu society based on caste, they are the ones who are hardly human, and even to set your eyes on them is thought to bring you bad luck, touch  them and it’s considered a sin; hence the name, “untouchables.”

But of course, Hindus don’t want them to be Christian either. They don’t like the fact that these untouchables could be bought and converted so easily with food and warmth by these subversive missionaries, iconoclasts, imperialists, Westerners, and this crazy one called Jesus…they would rather burn them than to have them touched.

Even today, it seems, there is no room in the inn. Merry Christmas, in the truest sense of the word.


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

2 responses to “Santa Cross

  1. daniel so

    David — I was all set to laugh and enjoy the total insanity of your Santa crucifixion/Merry Christmasing card when I went on to read the rest of you post. Thank you for highlighting these recent events. Somehow, in the midst of hatred, violence and darkness, we cling to the hope that joy has broken into the world.

    Hope your family had a very merry Christmas.

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