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Link Love 2

Haven’t done this in a while, but I’m just reading so much good stuff out there…I gotta hand out some props.

First off, I have to return some link love from my friend Dan Ra and his new team blog, Merging Lanes. As in all things Dan, he goes from zero to sixty in about everything he does – worship, church, indie music, and our friendship. His friends have started a blog and it is off to a kickin’ start. Check it out…he and his friends have a formidable blog. And yes, Ed Sohn, I’m a fan.

Churches are Wrong – read this post from Justin at Radical Congruency. Short and simple, but pretty compelling. Here’s a quick quote:

I much prefer, but have been unable to live out, the idea that the church is a network, an organization unlike a company or a nonprofit but much like a web of relationships. Now, no longer having a regular Sunday church to call my congregation, I need to start thinking seriously about what this network approach to being the people of God looks like.

Throw it all out. We’ve gotten it wrong in too many ways for too many years to bother any more.

The blog, Amicus Dei“Have fun feeding people…really” – Now here’s a hat tip to a hat tip, where we credit them who credits Seth Godin.

The more people who play FreeRice, the more advertising they’ll sell, and the more rice they can give away.

The problem with church from Darryl Dash. Now this post is a must-read. Darryl’s blog, is absolutely outstanding, so do subscribe – you won’t be disappointed. And to go along with this post, I had to read Bill Kinon’s insight, “Consumerism sucks, Please buy my book…And come to my conference.” I’ve been thinking about the Christian industry a great deal and I love even just the title, but it does beg questions of the machine, even the emerging one.

Peter Ong awoke from some blogging hibernation to share his prophetic calling out of Asian American churches to talk about sex and intimacy.

Our silence has murdered our call to purity. It has been this sin of omission that we are so afraid to ask and be asked of this area of our lives that has been a ground zero for so many of us.

Woot! And Letitia Wong kicks in her 2 cents too, so you know it’s worth reading.

And have you read The Cutting Truth lately? Whew, he cuts like a sushi chef in his latest post. It might be a great answer to the interview question “what’s your greatest weakness?”, but not for prayer requests.

And definitely check out Josh Brown’s post entitled “The Consumptive Church: The Context for my Starting Point”. He is wrecking it, in a good way. Rock on, Josh, rock on wit’ yo’ bad self.

As it relates to consumption, I’m beginning to better understand the engine that is driving the emerging movements. I think what many in the emerging movements are proposing is the church as a-cultural (no doubt influenced by Hauerwas, Yoder, and others). That is to say that the church should be a counter-culture, subversive, and antithetical to the predominant host culture. In our case, Christian, scientific, political, capitalist, consumerist, and materialist, to name but a few. Their ecclesiology is primarily one of critique, distance, and resistance to the prevailing culture. Rather than seek to affirm it or exist as a sect within it, their aim is to stare it in the face and name it for what it is. Which is a sort of recognition that it has no real lasting power, control, or influence.

And I’m out of link love for now.


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

6 responses to “Link Love 2

  1. josh

    david. thanks for the link love. i’ll be sure to throw some your way soon.

  2. Thanks for the links to some wonderful reading. I’m impressed with your site and links. Over at Georgia on My Mind I have an ever growing list of Georgia blogs and I have added yours. The Georgia blog carnival posts every other Friday and I’d love to have you submit something from time to time.

  3. peterong

    yes, finally, i got out of my hibernation…it was more from blogging cramp that overtook me…i miss you bro! how are things with you? man, where do you find the time to write so mucho? you are my hero!

  4. hey peter! good to see you again (in the blogosphere). i’m sure you’re busy with the church that you’re serving, but it sounds like you’re doing great work. i’m keeping very busy with seminary life, but i do get a chance to write more I guess. but as you know, i tend to be more prolific than profound. i don’t think deeply, but i think a lot. about stuff not many people find worthy of mention. clearly i’m primed for the academic pump.

  5. peterong

    i kowtow to you brother. you are a lot more profound than your humility allows. prolific is a stream for where profound moments are found. let’s see if we can chat sometime.

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