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A Woman’s Touch

Although I would consider myself very partial to Asian American women — their voice, their leadership, and their opinion, it’s another thing to a hear/read a strong Asian American woman speak and act. This a key reason why I appreciate and value Anna Lee and this new voice in Letitia Wong.

I just found out about Letitia (h/t: DJ, as always) and her thoughts are profound and relevant. Check out her blog and read her thoughts, here’s a clip from a recent post…good stuff.

During college, I left my Chinese church congregation, but not for the reasons I have posted (at least not primarily). A longtime family friend and member of another Chinese church asked me sometime later where I attended church afterwards. I hesitated to say, because I knew what was coming. Her surprised look and slow reply said it all, “Oh, a lo-fahn church…you like that kind of thing?” A lo-fahn church is a white church.

1. Christians must love others. Sounds like a benign altruism become cliche. But in trying to answer the question for myself “what’s missing in the Asian church?,” it just came to my mind that there is a profound lack of the love of Christ to underpin the church. I am not saying that love is entirely absent. I am saying that the overall sentiment is that the Asian church loves too little.

Before I get into that, Asians do have something that resembles love though. Asians have a lot of loyalty. Asians respect establishment and are loyal to the good intentions of a church and to its attenders. Loyalty is a postitive characteristic, but it is no substitute for the unconditional love of Christ.

The difference? For the most part, loyalty seeks the good of an image to maintain or portray, not necessarily the good of the person or entity receiving loyaly. Loyalty can have many motivations, both selfless and selfish. Love, on the other hand, seeks the best for others for their sakes and, ultimately, for the Lord’s sake. As it says in 1 Cor. 13:3-7, real love cannot be selfish….


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

3 responses to “A Woman’s Touch

  1. dengjosh ⋅

    good stuff!

  2. Letitia

    Wow David, thank you for the link!


  3. No, Letitia! Thank you!!!!

    Love your blog…keep up the good work.

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