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Can We Change?

Fun class today asking the question for church, is change possible?

Here are a couple of quick videos we saw in class regarding different aspects of change:

the easiest route to take is to apply technical solutions when what is necessary is change of heart, behavior and value. We need to change how we live…

And what changing an organization often feels like:


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

4 responses to “Can We Change?

  1. elderj

    dude, i don’t have time to look at all this…

  2. elderj

    jk dongsaeng.. I’ll watch when I get a chance

  3. jadanzzy

    I don’t see how the trunk monkey video speaks of change. Am I missing something?

    And the video of the girl giving the speech. God should start over with the world.

  4. jadanzzy, i think the first video was just for fun…perhaps a jab at how we apply “primitive” solutions to our problems in the name of change.

    the girl who is speaking…”from the mouths of babes” no? unbelievable speech. I think God did start over with the world, i just don’t think we got the message.

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