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Gotta Watch “West 32nd Street”

Heard about this movie tonight. Sounds interesting. Here’s a snippet, but check out the entire review:

Three gunshots ring out from a Korean bar on New York’s West 32nd Street. A 14-year-old Korean-American boy is arrested on the spot for killing the manager of the bar, played by Jeong Jun-ho. The boy’s sister Lila (Grace Park) tries to prove her brother’s innocence, and second-generation Korean American lawyer John Kim (John Cho) takes the case as a way to get acceptance in the mainstream. While investigating the underworld of the Korean community, he meets “1.5 generation” Korean-American gangster Mike Juhn (Kim Jun-sung), who has replaced the dead manager. The meeting of the two ambitious men brings unexpected twists…

And another review describing the movie as exploring “New York’s Korean Underworld”: A quick snippet again:

What’s interesting about the movie, besides it’s effective use of both Korean and English to convey how the people in this hierarchy are upholding a lot of Korean traditions as second- and third-generation Americans, is how very little in the movie is black and white. Kim begins to fall for his client’s beautiful sister Lila (Grace Park of Battlestar Galactica), affecting his judgment. He also seems to be both enamored and disgusted with the antics of Juhn and his crew; Kim wonders if he would be part of that crew — drinking, womanizing and getting into fights — if his parents didn’t detach him from the Korean community by moving away from Queens. Juhn isn’t a pure molten-evil bad guy, either; he’s making his way and trying to advance in his field, just like Kim. It just so happens that Juhn’s field happens to involve illegal and violent acts. Suki (Jane Kim), one of the escorts that work Juhn’s club, wants to see justice done, but for reasons of love rather than hate. And even the movie’s resolution defies standard Hollywood conventions, showing how people sometimes compromise themselves to get to a particular result.


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