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2 Years!

I can barely believe it. Next Gener.Asian Church (NG.AC) has made it to 2 years of blogging! So I can’t help but put in a note of celebration for the 250+ posts and over 50,000 views on such esoteric subject matter as Asian American culture and faith.

The blog really started with a lot of encouragement from DJ Chuang. He urged me to blog my thoughts as a Korean American Christian in that while many Asian Americans were Internet-savvy, they rarely discussed matters of church and faith for the world to read. How terrifying and humbling at the same time. For someone who doesn’t pastor at an Asian American church, have a seminary education (although I have since started pursuing one) or have some built-in audience, this has been a challenging and formative place for me and hopefully for others.

I never thought that I would have much to say, but the deeper I have explored the subject matter, the deeper it has gotten and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. While I still don’t consider myself anything close to an expert, I have really broadened my notions of church, culture, and faith here can see how wide-reaching the conversations truly are.

Not that anyone’s keeping score, but here are some of the most popular posts over the past two years:

My personal favorites are: True Colors and Anna Lee’s Woman, Thou Art Loosened. I remember watching the video the first time and weeping with my wife because she knew exactly how those young girls felt. And when Anna wrote her post I felt that weight all the more. Oh yes, to this short list of favorites I’d have to add, To Know Her Is To Love Them, which is a bit about my wife’s testimony. Thanks for your love and support, Sunita — I’d have nothing to say or write without you.

And thanks to you for reading and commenting…the best (hopefully) is yet to come.

soli Deo gloria…


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

5 responses to “2 Years!

  1. daniel so

    David — Congrats!! Thank you for pushing us forward and creating a place filled with life-giving dialogue. I look forward to many more thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring thoughts from NG.AC.

  2. thanks daniel. i appreciate the props and equally share the love for your headsparks~

  3. Joseon ⋅

    Happy Cotton Anniversary!

  4. djchuang

    congratulations! so glad to have you a part of the (slowly) growing conversations about faith and culture, especially in the next gener.asian church context.. you bring such a fresh and thoughtful perspective that I really rarely hear/ read/ see. And, you know, I’m constantly looking for it, and found wanting. 🙂

    I know Asian Americans are smart, many of them much smarter than me and far more educated, so it (still does) plain surprises me that there’s so little in the public square of the Internet that is thinking more about the implications of our beloved faith. There, I’ve said it. 🙂

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