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I Talk Too Much

So, the weekend in Chattanooga was really a great experience — with over a hundred Asian American students from all over the SouthEast.

EMERGE 2007 was a really well-organized (no thanks to the Sheraton hotel) conference and had a great balance of small group intimacy (I loved my guys — props to Micah, Nick, Tim, and Richard) and large group worship (biggie ups to Jacob, Josh, Ray, and Matt).  Tom Lin blew us away with his simple, authentic approach to following Jesus and living that risky life.

Despite my sleep deprived state and sinus infection, I pulled together my first seminar entitled, “You Are The Future Of The Asian American Church” (Click for the presentation).

Beforehand, I really thought that there would be no way that I could go the entire 60-75 minutes for the workshop, but I really found myself trying to cram down tons of information  in the twenty-five minutes or so on top of some wonderful conversations. I was talking a mile a minute towards the end there….starting to sound like I was auctioning churches off, not help any survive.

Almost thirty students attended my workshop and they were really experts on diagnosing some of the problems in the Asian church —  divisions over language; lack of resources; inability to collaborate across ethnic lines; intergenerational walls; lack of input from young adults; lack of involvement with the surrounding communities; and even questioning the validity of an Asian American church. I was really encouraged with the depth and maturity of their critique as well as their hunger for some good constructive answers.

We’ll have a “TalkBack” conference call on this subject later this month, but hopefully the presentation notes will help generate some more food for thought. Til then…


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

5 responses to “I Talk Too Much

  1. jadanzzy

    I’m surprised you mentioned GCC. You know they’re the ones that planted JCA, right?

    I’m also surprised you didn’t mentioned CFC (Covenant Fellowship Church) in Illinois. Pastor Min Chung is a big deal in Northeast Korean-American Christianity.

  2. good points jadanzzy…

    i don’t know much about GCC, just what DJ mentioned in his presentation. i didn’t think of CFC, but i suppose they would fit the bill. and you’re right to point out that many churches probably could have made this presentation in some form or fashion.

    i know that churches like evergreen and quest appeal to people outside of the founding ethnicity, so perhaps that is where a distinction can be made, but again, I don’t know the specifics. another difference might be that issues of ethnicity might be addressed head-on as opposed to an implied or idealized discussion. also, the churches mentioned in the presentation like vox seem to be more progressive than many of the monoethnic churches that we know. many churches are still relying on programmatic changes as opposed to a different approach altogether.

  3. djchuang

    Perhaps here is a good a place as any to comment on the selections I made for the sample churches mentioned in the presentation. It’d be less than honest to say I chose them at random from my list of 100+ independent Asian-led multi-Asian/ multi-ethnic churches, though I might want to project that notion. 🙂 I selected churches that had photos, selected churches from different locations all over the US, and selected 5 churches — due to time constraint (both in searching for photos and time for presentation). They were selected to be illustrative of these kinds of churches that are happening all over the country, and that it is no longer just a “West coast” phenomena.

    I do know of Min Chung’s Covenant Fellowship Church and know of his notable ministry impact. And, his church would certainly be worthy of mention.

  4. hmm. Wish I had a chance to participate. All these churches mentioned I know quite a bit about (being a Westcoaster transplanted from the NE) – DJ’s comment – illustrative of these kinds of churches that are happening all over the country – definitely show a trend of asian churches leaning towards intentional cross-culturalism . CFC has had a huge impact on me as well in my East coast days.. and Quest and Vox are both trendsetters that I’ve been watching and learning from.

  5. elderj

    it was great having you there; we have shared a room and so now we’re brothers in deed!

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