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Less Trick Or Treating?

According to this recent AP poll, belief in the supernatural is relatively high.

And 30% believe to have “Woken up from sleep with sense of a strange presence in the room”. From the Korean perspective, we call that “Ga wui”.

I wonder how much our un-Americanness has affected our views of spirituality with relation to spiritual warfare. I remember hearing stories of Korean ghosts and know that many Asian are superstitious, but wonder how that fits in with our more Westernized Christian society. Haven’t really heard that sermon recently.

Furthermore, with Halloween on the way, I saw this AP article on the wire as well: “Minorities less likely to trick or treat”. Some quick snippets:

  • The survey found that 73 percent of whites versus 56 percent of minorities said their children will trick-or-treat on Wednesday.
  • Ninety-one percent of whites, compared with 75 percent of minorities, said they felt their kids would be secure when they went out seeking candy in their area.
  • Lower-income people and minorities are more likely to worry that it might not be safe to send their children out on Halloween night.

What about you? How do you feel about Halloween?

I never went trick-or-treating as a child. I think my parents just saw too much of the demonic in it, not to mention, if you’re to step back and think about it, Halloween does seem like a pretty strange holiday. I’m not sure if that was worth not getting candy for, but I don’t miss it or regret it. Maybe it’s because my parents had real ghost stories to tell.


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One response to “Less Trick Or Treating?

  1. jadanzzy

    I thought Ga Wui was the equivalent of the scientific term ‘Sleep Paralysis.’ You know, like when you can’t move and you start sweating and praying, “JESUS! omg omg omg JESUS!”

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