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NG.AC – TalkBack on “Revitalizing Asian American Churches”

***Edit – Follow up:

Great conversation tonight and wonderful re-presentation with DJ Chuang tonight (thanks DJ!). After several attempts to use Skypecast, we may have found a good medium for our TalkBacks by using Talkshoe, a technology that seems to have great flexibility and fast recording features.

Regarding the talk, it seems that this crowd is asking some different questions than the pastors and ministry leaders from DJ’s original presentation. Less ‘how-to’ and more ‘relevance’ and contexualized theology questions. But you be the judge if you’d like to share your comparisons.

Stay tuned for next month as we’ll be discussing issues of how Asian American college students and young adults perceive the ethnic church and where they see their churches headed!

Check out the audio:

Thanks again, elderj, cyrusco, and DJ! Enjoy and spread the word…


[originally posted 10/15/2007]

If you haven’t heard DJ Chuang‘s wonderful talk on “Revitalizing Asian American Churches,” which he gave at the end of September to a group of pastors and ministry leaders in Southern California, please give it a listen here or on his blog post:

Check out more of DJ’s work here with L2 Foundation and Leadership Network. And also his list of resources mentioned in his talk.

There are few people who have the breadth of experience and exposure to as many churches and networks as DJ does and this presentation has hundreds of hours of research and discussions behind it.

Join us for a follow-up discussion on DJ’s presentation Sunday, October 21st: 6-7pm Pacific / 9-10pm Eastern.

Here’s the info for the phone call, hope to hear some new voices…

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 60596

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