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A Guide To Asian Americans And Religion

No kidding, a pretty comprehensive list here put together by ReligionLink, with the subtitle: “Helping journalists cover religion with balance, accuracy, and insight”.

Here’s the summary and the categories of information:

A guide to Asian-Americans and religion

Asian-Americans are one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. population, and they are stunningly diverse culturally and religiously. ReligionLink presents a guide to experts and organizations that focus on this group.

How to use this guide

This guide is organized into several major areas. Click on the topic to jump to it. Sources may appear in more than one category.

And DJ, you made the list under “Christianity”! Congrats…I’ll have to send them an email regarding NG.AC…

They provide a list of issues that I’d like to tackle at some point on this blog…

• Some of the largest evangelical campus ministries in the U.S. are populated by Asian-Americans. How are Asian-Americans influencing American evangelicalism?

• Asian-Americans are courted by a wide variety of Christian denominations and traditions in the U.S., and many denominations are starting new churches and programs to appeal to their growing numbers. How is their presence influencing practices in these denominations?

• Explore the diversity of congregations. Coverage tends to focus on immigrant churches rather than churches of the children of immigrants. Korean-American second-generation churches get a lot of attention, but less is paid to Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Japanese or Filipino second-generation churches. Also, a new wave of multiethnic but single-race churches includes young Asian-American congregants from a variety of backgrounds.

• How do religious and generational differences play out in Asian-American families? What are the challenges of child-rearing in multireligious families? How are second-generation Asian-Americans adapting religious practices to American life?

• How does the church function in diverse Asian-American communities where class divisions exist? How do Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist second-generation Asian-Americans address these issues?

• Americans’ understanding of Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism is often shallow; how are adherents addressing that? What role are civil rights organizations playing?

• What role does faith play when young Asian-Americans become involved in social and political issues? For example, young Korean-Americans have been working with young Latinos and African-Americans in Los Angeles since the 1992 riots to address racial and ethnic tensions.

• How do tensions among national, cultural, religious or ethnic groups internationally play out in the U.S.? For example, what conflicts exist between Indian and Pakistani immigrants in the U.S.?

• What types of pilgrimages are Asian-Americans making to historical places, such as internment camps?


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  1. Josh

    good stuff. I don’t know when I’ll have time to go through and read up though…

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