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EMERGE 2007 AA Conf. in Chattanooga, TN

Mark your calendars! November 2-4 for a conference for twenty-somethings Asian American Christians in the Southeast! Anyone interested is welcome to attend! I’m going to be there…you should go!

The name uses a loaded term, which I’m well aware may cause some people to furrow their brow with suspicion, so allow me to add text from the brochure to articulate what the hosts mean by the word “emerge”:

The purpose of the Asian student conference is to empower a generation of Asian American students to “Emerge” from the shadows and step into the destiny and spiritual leadership to which God is calling them; to “Emerge” from spiritual complacency to Spirit-filled witness; to “Emerge” from brokenness into wholeness.

The keynote speaker is Tom Lin and here’s his bio:

After graduating from Harvard University  in 1994, Tom served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as Team Leader at Harvard  and Boston U. for 5 years. He pioneered new Asian American Christian Fellowships at both schools. From 2002-2006, Tom served as County Director of the Mongolian  national Christian student movement, Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS).

Currently, Tom is serving as InterVarsity’s Regional Director for the Central United States. A 2nd-generation Taiwanese-American, Tom is also the author  of the first Asian American ministry book published by IVP, “Losing Face, Finding Grace,” (Jan. 1997) and was a seminar speaker at Urbana ’96, ’00, and ’03 and plenary speaker at ’06. Tom continues to speak at various parachurch and church conference throughout the US and in East Asia.

Here’s the event link on Facebook, if you want to see who all is coming, but with guys like Tom leading the plenary and ElderJ leading seminars, it’s a great opportunity to hear some great topics.

I’ll be leading a seminar that will be co-authored by DJ Chuang on “The Future of Asian American Churches and What You Have to Offer.” Talk about ambitious…I’ve got a lot of work to do. DJ, if you’re reading this…we need to talk!

Download and View the Emerge’07 Brochure


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

11 responses to “EMERGE 2007 AA Conf. in Chattanooga, TN

  1. daniel so

    David — That is fantastic! I wish I could attend. Will you be posting your notes after the event? Also, any chance that you’ll be coming out to Southern California for next year’s Asian American leadership conference?

  2. DJ and I will be posting notes and hopefully a recording of the talk after the conference.

    As for the leadership conference, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, but it sounds like a place I’d like to be someday.

  3. elderj

    thanks for posting this David…

  4. elderj

    by the way… I wrote the blurb for the brochure… funny huh? and the brochure itself was designed by a Korean-American alumni of InterVarsity

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  6. Looks great, thought I am feeling old old old.

  7. yuling

    I wish I could attend – but that’s quite a bit away from Toronto, Canada!

    We had Tom up north in May07 to speak to a bunch of asian students. They loved him and his love for the Lord.

    Please give him blessings on my behalf.

  8. elderj

    C’mon down Yuling… Toronto is not so far away, just about 14 hours or so 🙂

  9. djchuang

    um, yeah, we’ll need to talk about this co-authoring of a seminar deal! How do I do that from way out here, or is there an airline ticket on the way to me? 🙂

  10. dengjosh ⋅

    aw man, wish I could go! Oddly enough, Joe Ho (IV regional director here in VA/NC/beyond) is having an asian leaders’ summit at his place the same weekend…so I willl be there. Are there going to be recordings, and if so, where can I find them?

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