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Asian American Survey 3 on YouTube

This is edition #3 of the Asian American Survey via YouTube. Hope you enjoy.

Japanese Relocation (h/t: John Lamb)

Average Asian 2 (h/t: DJ Chuang)

Kelly Tsai at Def Poetry (explicit language)

Yellow Rage at Def Poetry (explicit language)

“Why Do All The Asian Kids Sit Together In Math Class?”

Kinsmen: Indian American Jazz

“Just Because: (White Girls and Asian Girls)”

About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

3 responses to “Asian American Survey 3 on YouTube

  1. daniel so

    David — Looks like I’m on a Next Gener.Asian comment spree… Thanks for doing the legwork and gathering these videos.

    The “yellow rage” video actually brought tears to my eyes. So much pain lingering just beneath the surface — not only for these two women (who have expressed what I suspect many of us have wanted to say) but for so many Asian American people.

  2. Thanks Daniel. I’m flattered by your comments, often they’re better than the original posts.

    I had the same rush of emotions that you did when I saw the video. I remember being that angry long ago. It’s amazing how much anger is latent in our youth. The older ones of us have probably just gotten used to it, but seeing this took me back.

  3. elderj

    it interesting how many of their audience is black… perhaps anger is the common touch point between us

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