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Who Needs A Golden Calf When You Have A Golden Pig?

We Asians love the notion of luck, prosperity, and blessing.

This year, 2007, is a prime year for babies. That’s right, it’s the year of the Golden Pig, not just any pig.

A person born this year is likely to be a good parent. He may be easy to anger, but he is intelligent, honest, courageous, completes projects, gallant, and sincere. People born in these years are honest and straightforward. They can be relied on to see things through. They tend to be popular and make lasting friendship and are good neighbors.

Wow, that’s unlike any other baby I’ve ever heard of (and yes, I think wooden rabbits tend to be very sarcastic). And consequently, whether you give any creedence to this at all or not, it seems to be showing measurable impact in the motherlands — 10% increase in the birth rate! But one line that I found very interesting was this line from this Chinese mother-to-be, “I choose to believe it rather than miss a good opportunity.”

Ah yes, superstition as a form of insurance, that’s nice.

I wonder how many Asian Americans would honestly admit that attending church was  a form of taking the safer side of Pascal’s wager.

Here is where many Asian pastors need to stop playing the role of Aaron and more the role of Moses — tear down the calf, er pig, obliterate it into a fine powder and make us drink it. Quit playing the shaman, and play the prophet. Stop playing the health and wealth card and throw down some tablets lest our churches continue to wander in this desert . We make a mockery of the Word when we trust in our gold.  Those letters behind our names, that ordination, that board certification, that raise, the BMW, the half-milllion dollar home, the Ivy-league degree, the security alarm system, the portfolio, the next great accomplishment…is only capital if we invest it in Kingdom economics. Otherwise, it’s a waste, we will consume it and it will turn to waste. That’s the beautiful image of the execution of the golden calf, literally all that gold turned to powder and defecated out in the middle of the desert — a most unholy crap.

“I choose to believe rather than miss a good opportunity?” Good luck with that, I’m eating golden pork for Lent.


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

4 responses to “Who Needs A Golden Calf When You Have A Golden Pig?

  1. johnlamb

    Thanks, David. I was just getting to the “self-preservation is a false god” part of my outline for a talk I’m giving tonight.

  2. elderj

    “gold turned to powder and defecated out in the middle of the desert”

    What a wonderful turn of phrase dongseng (hahaha) I have images of golden piles of poop to carry with me through the day

    Good post — it seems that materialism is a place where the ungodly aspects of American culture and Asian culture meet just fine

  3. I hope more pastors of Asian-American churches are truly challenging their congregations to let go of materialism and invest more in God’s kingdom.

    I’ve been pleased that Pastor Cory Ishida’s been encouraging our church to read Randy Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle. He bought 60 copies of the book and we are encouraged to read the book, sign our name inside, and pass it along to someone else in the church family. The goal is to have everyone in our church of about 1,000 read the book.

    Pastor Cory’s been challenging us to have more kingdom-minded giving, that it’s a slam dunk of an investment. He reminds us of the 10,000% interest (“hundredfold”) that we’ll receive in heaven.

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