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First SkypeCast(?) Recap

Feel free to listen to the audio provided by DJ Chuang below and availble for download on DJ’s post

Skypecast flaked out on us at the very last minute, but thanks to DJ’s quick thinking, at least nine of us were able to carry out a conference call conversation via Skype. You live by the latest and greatest technology, you die by the technology.

In the spirit of the book, Conversations: Asian American Evangelical Theologies in Formation, which urges average, ordinary people to take these types of conversations into our own settings to reproduce dialogue that is so necessary and constructive to putting these theologies into action.

In any case, for a group of Asians gathering without the presence or promise of food (a notable feat!), we were able to make the time fly with presenting the three different perspectives on the validity of the Asian American church (with much thanks to Ben and DJ). Ben Pun clearly made the case that AA churches are necessary to reach non-believing Asian Americans. DJ added the nuances of how AA churches present a strategic opportunity across the evangelical landscape for Asian Americans to take ownership and demonstrate their faith. To the final perspective, Asian American churches as an unhealthy diversion, I tried to make the point that these exclusive environments create a sense of competition that not only takes us far from a true sense of worship, but the short-staffing, the lack of resources, actually also prevents the church from developing and equipping future leaders.

One of the great things following the perspectives, besides the impromptu conversation that took us to new places, occasionally silence (all meditative, I’m assuming), was to hear what’s coming down the pipe in terms of future conversations.

Be sure to read elderj’s review of the conversation, as I think he brings up great points to think about.

So enjoy this first conversation as we get next month’s topic in line. Looking forward to hear more from you and getting more people on the call next time. Thanks again!


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

7 responses to “First SkypeCast(?) Recap

  1. Yu-Ling

    Hi David,

    thx for putting this together. Sorry, I couldn’t contribute more to the talk as I was busy working while the skypecast was live. Looking forward to future talks.


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  3. Gordon

    I also wish I could’ve contributed more but I was just trying to absorb it all. I don’t really have much experience with the Asian American church as I’ve been going to a Asian immigrant church for practically my whole life. So I was just trying to imagine what an Asian American church looked like.

  4. Yu-Ling, Gordon — Thanks for joining in. More to come hopefully in the future. It’s my wish that we can have these types of discussions regularly. I’ll look forward to keeping up with your blogs in the meantime~

  5. Great convo. It was interesting to hear all the different accents….

    Thanks for hosting this. Like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg I look forward to the next episode…

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