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NG.AC Skypecast Sunday Jan. 21st

January 21st – 9:00pm (Eastern) / 6:00pm (Pacific).

Next Gener.Asian Church Skypecast – Jan. 2007

The above link will take you to the Skypecast. If you’re still wondering what a Skypecast is, click here to find out how to listen in and take advantage of the toll-free, Internet-based conference call.

This month’s hour-long Skypecast coincides with the introduction DJ’s wiki of Asian American church plants as we delve into three different perspectives of the validity of an Asian American church.

Is the Asian American church — necessary, optional, or simply an unhealthy diversion?

The format for the Skypecast will be as follows:

  • Brief Introduction (5 min) – David Park
  • Asian American Church as Necessary (12 min) – Ben Pun
  • Asian American Church as Optional (12 min) – DJ Chuang
  • Asian American Church as Unhealthy Diversion (12 min) – Presenter3
  • Time for Discussion – Open to floor (20 min)

About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

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