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TheCuttingTruth Joins Next Gener.Asian Church (NG.AC)

TheCuttingTruth is now writing for the NextGener.Asian Church. Woot!

John Lee has been true to his blog’s namesake with his incisive commentary about Asian American Christians and the ways in which we handle church. One thing is for certain, it may not be comfortable to face the points that he brings up, but it can be very refreshing and challenging. I would say a lot more, but I’ll let him speak for himself with his posts.

So please welcome “The Cutting Truth” to the blog…

About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

One response to “TheCuttingTruth Joins Next Gener.Asian Church (NG.AC)

  1. djchuang

    Welcome to NG.AC, John! I’m anticipating that you’ll bring a good perspective from the Northeastern sector there 🙂

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