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Upcoming Skypecast – Jan. 21

It’s a new year, and in accordance with the season, we’d like to try something new. I say “we” not because I suffer from multiple personalities or have excessively played Nintendo’s latest offering, but because this little venture was not my idea but came with the help of a few others (DJ, Sivin, Ben, Bruce, and Peter). By dropping the “Emergent” aspect of the Skypecasts, which was perceived with a great deal of apprehension anyway, we’ll be able to engage broader questions facing the next generation of Asian American churches. You can refer to past Skypecasts on DJ’s blog here.

So save the date, January 21st – 9:00pm (Eastern) / 6:00pm (Pacific).

Next Gener.Asian Church Skypecast – Jan. 2007

The above link will take you to the Skypecast. If you’re still wondering what a Skypecast is, click here to find out how to listen in and take advantage of the toll-free, Internet-based conference call.

This month’s hour-long Skypecast coincides with the introduction DJ’s wiki of Asian American church plants as we delve into three different perspectives of the validity of an Asian American church.

Is the Asian American church — necessary, optional, or simply an unhealthy diversion?

The format for the Skypecast will be as follows:

  • Brief Introduction (5 min)
  • Asian American Church as Necessary (12 min) – Presenter 1
  • Asian American Church as Optional (12 min) – Presenter 2
  • Asian American Church as Unhealthy Diversion (12 min) – Presenter3
  • Time for Discussion – Open to floor (20 min)

If you’re wondering who the “presenter” for each perspective will be, here’s where you get a chance to participate.  While I will be on the prowl to fill these spots, if you find that a particular perspective to be your personal shtick (and you aren’t prone to fits of hyperventilating should you be asked a challenging question about it) send me an email at dpark75[at], and I’ll see what I can do to make sure you get a chance to make your case. I will update this post as spots are filled, so be sure to tune in over the next couple of weeks.

As Skypecasts can support up to 100 people participating, be sure to spread the word and log in! Look forward to seeing you there~


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

11 responses to “Upcoming Skypecast – Jan. 21

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  2. elderj

    can i join? i don’t know if i have anything to say and most importantly i’m not azn-am

  3. ElderJ, you are more than welcome. Cripes, you go to a Korean church! If anything I’d love to hear your observations of the validity of our churches…

  4. elderj

    Cripes? that’s funny.

  5. xfwayne

    I didn’t even know this existed! I’m interested. Sign me up, too!

  6. Wayne, pleasure to meet you and check out your website(s) as well. You are a fascinating and gifted person, thanks so much for taking the time to check out the blog and I do hope that you’ll join us on the Skypecast. I know there is a significant Hmong population near the Atlanta area, but I haven’t been able to connect with them much. If you know anyone, please pass along their info. Looking forward to more conversations…

  7. andre

    Thanks for the notification – I plan to listen in. Also, thx for dropping the emergent tag – don’t think that added anything.

  8. Ben

    Whats up Dave. Good luck trying to find someone who thinks it’s an “unhelathy diversion.” 🙂 Actually there are probably alot of people out there who think that…but do they read your blog?

  9. xfwayne

    I look forward, Dave. I was planning to attend the church planting Boot Camp in DC that day but doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Guess God must have wanted me to join you guys instead. 🙂

    About GA, let me know what you are looking to do and I’ll get the right person for you. Otherwise, I can get your email from O’B’s email forwards and send you the youth president’s # and/or email. I don’t think they have a youth pastor.

    Oh, you know what? Let me send you Paul Yang’s info.

  10. djchuang

    Ben, it’s not whether they read Dave’s blog, it’s whether they read any blogs at all that touch on the issues of Asian Americans and Christian faith.

    We know there are many Asian Americans who are parts of campus ministries, youth groups, and churches, and we know there are more Asian Americans (proportionally) online than any other racial/ethnic grouping in the USA. So, why is it so hard to find conversational partners in this mix?

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