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Some of the Best Preachers You’ve Never Heard of Before Died Last Week

I love me some good preaching, I do. There is nothing like being inspired by Godly preaching. If you and I should ever get into a conversation about preachers, I’ll ask you who you like and what they preached on. I’ll take out my index cards and jot their names down hoping to find a sermon online. I write the church name and sermon titles like my wife would a recipe.

And it really did take a lot for me to sit quietly by, as though watching a tennis match, the debates swirl about Piper vs. Keller, Piper vs. Driscoll, or some other celebrity pastor deathmatch between John MacArthur and Zane Hodges. But lately, I am convinced as I do a few random searches on the Internet tonight, I’m sure I’ve never heard on this side of heaven, nor will I be able to find their tapes, the best preachers and teachers of the Word of God. The best preachers don’t preach in places where recording is a high priority and I suspect the pages of history will do them little justice.

Take this man kidnapped and killed in Mosul. Or these Christian leaders in the Phillippines. Also last week, it was discovered that these six Ethiopian believers were killed. You’ll probably never a hear a sermon from these Christians in North Korea. Nor this man in India. And you’ll never hear the testimony of his conversion from this man in Kashmir. But their sacrifice speaks volumes.

And those were only the sermons you missed since last week.

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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

7 responses to “Some of the Best Preachers You’ve Never Heard of Before Died Last Week

  1. elderj

    I heard an awesome sermon just this week from a Gambian brother when I was down in chattanooga.. and today was inspired by the testimony of the plumbinng contractor I just hired to do some work at my house.

  2. Nice. You are wise to mention that we have many opportunities to hear sermons that are wonderful.

  3. Dave, I know this is somewhat antithetical to the gist of your blog (which I completely agree with), but I was intrigued by your statement re: your love for sermons. I was wondering if you have ever compiled (mentally or otherwise) a list of the top ten Asian American preachers in the country today.

    I thought it would be great if you might give us your top ten (with links to sermons for us to listen, if possible). Just an idea. It might give us Asian Americans a sense of what the collective AA pastoral voice sounds like, and whether it has a certain distinctiveness about it or not.

  4. John, that sounds like a great idea. Let me sort through some things, give it an intentional listen again, and I’ll post something on that soon.

    In the meantime, do you have any recommendations? I’d love to share notes before I get too far into this…

  5. John Lee

    Dave –
    Two preachers come to mind:

    Rev. Soong Chan Rah
    Ajith Fernando

    I haven’t listened to either of them extensively, but the little I did hear impressed me. I’m really looking forward to your list. Maybe it’ll really take your blog into the stratosphere, and you’ll become the authority figure on this ranking list, much like U.S. News and World Report has cornered the market on Grad school rankings.

  6. djchuang

    I’m reticent to list the top preachers or to rate them, even though I an a connoisseur of churches, and secondarily of sermons, to some degree. But, for starters, I have made a list of Asian American churches with Asian American preachers’ sermons online at

  7. EJK ⋅

    Thought some folks might find some value from this website:

    Check out those from Thomas Long.

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