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It’s no longer anymore, so while you won’t have to change your bookmarks, this blog will be known as

While it’s a terribly minor detail to do so, I think it is important to keep the perspective that this is not “my” blog, but that ultimately it is a space to invite a variety of bloggers to discuss the challenges facing the next generation of Asian American church. The voices involved are varied, and should be on this blog as well. Anna Lee and DJ Chuang are two who are gracious enough to help that be the case, and I, for one, can’t wait to read more of their thoughts (especially if Anna’s first post is par for the course!).

While there are Asian pastor / theologian -types with wonderful blogs, I think there is power in keeping a journalistic/essayist appeal to this type of conversation that can be read by intellectual and layperson alike. (Besides, don’t you wonder what the people in the pews really think of you? Or the people that have already left your church?) While I fully anticipate that many people may not agree with me or some of the points I bring up, I’d still like to put up the invitation that you’re welcome to write here. One of the key problems that I see that the 2nd generation Asian American Christian has inherited from our mother culture is our inability to resolve conflict and disagreement. We avoid it, we ignore it, and although we might release a little steam when no one’s looking, we still don’t discuss through our differences enough. All our conflicts are unfortunately multiplied with our hangups on “saving face” and avoiding shame, which only serve to quell the dialogue even more.

Another reason why I’d like to turn this into more of a team-blog, is because I think that ultimately, the idea of blogs, while is emblematic of the postmodern generation, can be terribly self-defeating. I think had Bonhoeffer been alive today, he could have easily written a short work entitled, “Life (on the Web) Together”. There is something to be said about forming our thoughts and stories together under the banner of Christ. The thought strikes me that we, as believers, should be more sensitive to that spirit of unity than others, although you would never know it as Christians have historically had the tendency to build a church (or three) on every block.

Despite some of my occasionally harsh criticism of our churches, this blog is written out of love for the church, the bride of Christ. And the hope is that together we can use this space as a bride would use a mirror with 10x and 20x magnification so that she might be able to see every clogged pore, every errant hair, every imperfection as to make herself beautiful for her groom. So, say good-bye to “”, and hello to the And again, feel free to join the conversation.


About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

6 responses to “

  1. Eugene

    i like.
    hope all is well with ATL.
    time for vick to step up though…

  2. John Lamb ⋅

    congratulations on your new domain name

  3. Excellent. Glad you are able to get the domain name working!

  4. djchuang

    I like the domain name, great for branding! 🙂 Could a skypecast, podcast, conference, and book be far behind? 🙂

  5. As soon as I become as tech-savvy as you, we’ll get there. We’ll start with that skypecast in 2007.

    Remember it’s only been a year since I’ve been blogging…which in no small part is due to you!

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