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Survey the Land

There does indeed, as DJ Chuang has pointed out, seem to be a flurry of more interest in Asian American Christianity and our leadership as there have been a number of new books released.

A book that I had the privilege to read and copyedit before it hit the press entitled, “Conversations: Asian American Evangelical Theologies in Formation”. Edited by DJ Chuang and Timothy Tseng (ISAAC), the book offers some great historical information as well as further insight into the problems with identity formation within the next generation. I think the book was a wonderful way for me to further delve into where culture meets theology in a personal and refreshing way. I’ll be definitely using some of their chapters as conversation-starters here.

“More Than Serving Tea,” an Intervarsity Press book that sings of the things that Anna menions in her post on this blog. I can’t wait to give that a read.

“God’s New Whiz Kids?: Korean American Evangelicals on Campus”, by a Rebecca Kim available for pre-order on Amazon. I would love to read it and meet Ms. Kim someday. It sounds like it may provide some comfort to those who worry about the Silent Exodus, although I suspect it won’t help immigrant church pastors sleep any better.

Finally, “Korean American Evangelicals: New Models for Civic Life” by Elaine Howard Ecklund is available now on Amazon as well. Just the mere title strikes me as fascinating, new models for civic life? I could use a new model.

There are also a few surveys that I spotted on ISAAC that I thought would be good to post here if it helps to increase participation. As someone with one foot in the marketing world, I’m always interested to see what “survey says”…

The first is a survey for Asian American pastors for a study by Dr. Jonathan Kim at the Talbot School of Theology. If you’re still hesitating, suffice it to say that you could win a new iPod Shuffle.

Second is for “Scholars of Asian American Christianity (including doctoral candidates)! Help us develop a network of scholars and research agenda (SANACS). Complete our on-line survey by Dec. 31! Click here to take survey


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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

6 responses to “Survey the Land

  1. elderj

    Interesting reading list… too bad I don’t have time to read as much

  2. It’s because you should be writing more! wink wink nudge nudge

  3. peterong

    it is a good reading list…I am particularly interested in exploring the asian american youth…there is something strange (in a good peculiar way) happening with this generasian of apa youth…they are defining some of the future and a return to a committed discipleship that is redeeming some of the confucion (confusion) perversions. would be interesting to have a blog discussion on it…nudge nudge wink wink

  4. Hey, wait a minute. I’m the only one that nudges and winks here!

    You’re witnessing a return to a committed discipleship, Peter? Wow, do tell. What factors do you think are contributing to that?

  5. Peter Ong

    i think where there is a vacuum God brings forth the spirit. In spite of the fact that these teens don’t have the youth pastors, don’t have the resources besides the proverbial Sunday School (glorified babysitting), they are seeking ways to pursue God. They are committed because they want this…they want Jesus…so what have i seen? I have seend teens go out and learn Greek, they go on the web to write on issues of faith, they gather together for three months to pray for a community in front of a library, they meet in starbucks to start a bible study…they are being the church outside the walls…there are moving beyond their churches, they are not interested in divisions but moments of unity…moving beyond emotions and the saccharin Christianity that is always “struggling” but rather a yearning for something deeper…but we are not feeding them…so they leave the church hungry and praise God they are finding something…something so much more than our institutions.

  6. elderj

    Wow Peter… where is all this happening? The folks Ive been exposed to have a hard time even thinking about praying any where near consistently much less taking the initiative to start a bible study

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