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True Colors

As an Asian male who is a follower of Christ, I repent.

Please forgive me for being part of a culture that does not know how validate and see Asian women as beautiful and significant. While I have always considered myself open-minded and hardly a misogynist, I have become viscerally aware of how simply thinking this is not enough. I need to say this because I believe my culture inside and outside my faith has said that you are lesser. As a man, I’ve been born with a sense of entitlement and preference that you may have never had. I rarely evaluate my looks in order to justify my voice in the conversation. In every case, I believe that we have robbed you and told you that you are not beautiful, only useful; faithful, but easily dismissed. We are and have been stupendously wrong.

You are more than faithful. You are beautiful. Your hair, your eyes, your teeth, your skin, and everything about you is beautiful.

You don’t need to be blonde, you don’t need to be voluptuous, you don’t need to be anything that God didn’t make you to be. I’m sorry if we made you feel that way, we’ve been too busy trying to prove ourselves as well.

But I see you now — and God has seen you always in your true colors.

About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

4 responses to “True Colors

  1. caroline ⋅

    Thanks for sharing. This was absolutely beautiful.

  2. jungeun


    muchos gracias. :]

  3. Lauren Cho ⋅

    Hi. I found your blog through a friend, Josh Deng. I dont know if you know him. Anyways, i wanted to thank you for writing this blog. It has brought so much healing to my heart. I have even gone back to this blog when i have felt wronged by some men (esp. korean) just in the past months. Thank you.

  4. Lauren, thanks for finding the blog and taking the time to read it. Praise God that you have felt some small healing through this post.

    I think it really hit home for me when my wife wept when she saw the video. I don’t think we as men know how much we hurt women and devalue them in our actions and words. I don’t want to do that to my wife or any woman. May God give us the strength and the courage, the eyes and the ears, and the mouth and the hands to do so.

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