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The Beauty Trapped in the Tower

As I spent time with other Asian brothers and sisters in Christ this weekend, I was so struck by the beauty of our collage of people. The foods, the laughter, the intellect, the warmth, the resourcefulness, the generosity, and all that we give to each other. There is a richness, a certain affection that I have seldom felt with others. Thank you Peter and Jamie Ong; thank you DJ Chuang and Rachelle; thank you Paul Tokunaga, Greg Jao, Glennis, Anna Lee, Danny and Lisa, Ho-Tay Ma, Liz Mo, Abraham Kim, Mark Ro, Betty, Erika, Vincent, Jannice, Jeff, Lillian, Audrey, Jordan, Kelly, Cindy, James, Lauren, Angena, Amy, Stephanie, Leah, Gus, Peter, Jenny, and many more whose names I cannot remember now. Thank you, this weekend was wonderful, inspiring, and challenging. Thank you for welcoming me, dining with me, sharing with me, worshipping with me…heaven must be that beautiful.

We are such beautiful people.

We are not the only beautiful people, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying this to elevate us above others, but to point out that the Chinese people I worshipped with this weekend were beautiful to me.

And yet I know the beauty that I have seen this weekend is but a fraction of what is yet to be seen. Much of the beauty that is in our culture and in our churches is yet to be released, unleashed from a certain type of captivity. It is the beauty that it is trapped in the tower. Not the ivory towers of academia mind you. But towers that we must scale to free that beauty, towers that stand tall that divide Korean fire from Chinese patience, Filipino joy from Japanese discernment, Vietnamese kindness from Indian wisdom and much more. It is the heart of God that we continue to work through those things that stand in the way of the Gospel. I long to see your beauty oh bride of Christ. I long to see it and I put my hand to this plow with you and will not look back. This weekend in New York was a glimpse, and I will not forget what this feels like.

There is much to share with you from this weekend. Much more to come…

For now, He makes me lie down in green pastures…



About David Park

Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

2 responses to “The Beauty Trapped in the Tower

  1. peterong

    when someone refers to food in plural is officially chinese…welcome to the club brother man. (BIG HUGS)

  2. Abe Kim ⋅

    Hey man… Just wanted to say hello and Down with those dividing towers! it was awesome meeting you at ECBC.

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