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New Book Available: Asian American Youth Ministry

This is from DJ Chuang, but I can't help but shamelessly plug this book as well, since I did have a small hand in proofing the book. I have already applied some of the things I've learned in this book and have found the book to be helpful in my own work in youth ministry. There's very much the notion in youth ministry that you are learning to fly the plane as you go, and this book was a much needed resource for me. 


A first-of-its-kind book, Asian American Youth MinistryAsian American Youth Ministry, is now published, providing a much needed resource for those who serve in this distinct context among one of the fastest-growing minority groups in America.

This book compiles the practical insights from 12 accomplished youthworkers, who collectively have over 100 years of experience in Asian American youth ministry. The contributors share their perspectives and insights about the intergenerational church, student leadership, and vital outreach.

Asian American Youth Ministry emerged out of a desire to address the distinct issues and challenges of Christian ministry in an Asian American context. This book is designed to be a valuable resource for both professional youth ministers and also adult volunteers and parents too.

The book is the first book published by L2 Foundation, and is edited by DJ Chuang, its Executive Director. The book is available for purchase online at

Preview the book’s introduction at the online store, read the endorsements from Dave Gibbons and Ken Fong, and help spread the word! Your feedback will be most valuable to inform what we can do next!

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Christian 2nd-generation Korean American; Atlanta Georgia; more details to come.

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